The Word of God? Part 2: Spreading the Word

Please start with "Part 1: What got in" I needed to cover this in detail (and I edited out almost 15 minutes of the duller material) so that it was well esta...
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25 thoughts on “The Word of God? Part 2: Spreading the Word”

  1. and also, origen fails in the fact that these books were NOT written by the
    same people, nor within the same cultures. take jesus’ birth for example.
    the writers of matthew and luke were written roughly 5 years apart of each
    other and, judging by location, they were probably ignorant of the other.

  2. Powerful stuff, Heathen. This is the kind of thing that helped me realize I
    didn’t believe anymore, and why I shouldn’t have in the first place.

  3. @HybridD91 /// There is no evidence linking King Herod to massacre little
    babies /// Yes there is – the New Testament. Anyone who lived at that time
    would have rose up and contradicted the Apostle’s account if it wasnt true.
    Yet noone in history has done so. Also, why do you expect some “big
    headlines” in secular history? Bethlehem was a was a very small town and
    noone outside wouldve cared. What Herod did in Bethlehem wasnt big…. but
    rather small to many other things he commited

  4. It’s unreal how willing some believers are to extend the supposed
    infallibility of their god to the scribes & bards that helped spread their
    religion. Some deny that the scribes could have made any mistakes despite
    the fact that for all our modern technology, there are still occasional
    spelling & grammar errors in our dictionaries. Others even go so far as to
    claim that before the bible was written down, the people who transmitted
    the stories orally wouldn’t/couldn’t have changed anything!

  5. @nige4958 What? Of course I’m going to ask! If anyone knows secrets to
    better beer, I want to know, god or not!

  6. @smashbeans I know EXACTLY how you feel, smashbeans. I only wish the
    Internet existed back when I was going through my deconversion. It would
    have made the whole process much faster. Don’t read this next line if you
    don’t want a spoiler to your future… If you continue, you’ll start to
    realize that what you were convinced of before was based on emotional
    appeals and what atheists are telling you is based on logical facts and
    eventually, you will have to crack to the weight of reality.

  7. @MikeEnRegalia I point to Ehrman as a source that many can reference in
    Part 1 as well as an earlier video announcing the series. However, he isn’t
    the original or only source used. I am also working somewhat from memory
    based on studies I did prior to the publication of “Misquoting Jesus”
    (which is an excellent summary of this topic alone) and so some of the
    connection is coincidental. Part 3 will be out later today and will site
    several other sources and some detail Erhman didn’t cover.

  8. If i were god, i would make my teachings full of love and wisdom, would
    write them down on a tablet of an unkknown alloy. People reading it would
    be in awe. My prescence would be so great that everyone would not doubt..
    Hey, even have dinner with everyone each night in a physical body.

  9. @6stringsbrainfingers That’s just a Killian’s actually (get it in the
    bottle, not on draft). Glad you liked it. If you liked these two, you are
    going to LOVE the next one. These two are just set ups for some really
    interesting JUICY tidbits to know about the current version of the Bible.

  10. Thebuybullisnotadivinebooksimpleasthatevenifitwasoriginallydivineitsobviousthebookwehavenowisnotdivinethenagainiftheoriginalbookwasdivinewhywouldthegodletitbedivine???
    Writing like that, that is just insane.

  11. The US Constitution has typos and errors. It was dictated BY English
    speakers TO an English speakers…so imagining a text 30x older than that
    being translated across multiple languages by a committee who had much to
    gain by fiddling with the wording is not that hard.

  12. Ha! That is, hands down, the funniest story about ancient literary
    scholarship I have ever heard. 😉

  13. I like how these people are calling the earlier editors of the bible to
    have altered text for their own purposes and they still base their religion
    around the workings of these people

  14. @manutdfan4321 Erhman’s “Misquoting Jesus” is fairly comprehensive and
    includes almost everything in this video and a large amount of part 1, but
    if you watch the text overlays, you’ll see other sources ie “Against
    Heresies,” “Against Celsus,” etc. Part 3 will bring in a few more
    sources…just watch for the text.

  15. @KingHeathen Maybe…. Maybe God noticed that the initial collections of
    works were in error so ‘nudged’ the scribes pens slowly over the years to
    push the various versions in the right direction so that, when English was
    invented it could be turned into the perfect, 100% accurate KJV. Yeah…
    that works. That’s what he did. Mysterious ways…. wooooooo….

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