The Lost Third Prophecy of Fatima [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

The Three Secrets of Fátima consist of a series of apocalyptic visions and prophecies which by some are believed to have been given to three young Portuguese...
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планшет топ

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24 thoughts on “The Lost Third Prophecy of Fatima [FULL DOCUMENTARY]”

  1. I find this really interesting, you do have to wonder why they held it so
    long and if they have revealed it all….

  2. The third secret of Fatima hasn’t been revealed. The Vatican is hiding it.
    I believe it’s going to be revealed when it is TOO LATE. The third secret
    talks about the apostasy of the church, the lack of faith of humanity,
    therefore the warning is coming as a chance for people to convert, repent
    and go back on the good spiritual ways. If we don’t change then the
    punishment will come from God and three quarters of humanity will perish.
    If you want to know more about it, read about the apparitions of
    Garabandal, of course, not accepted by the church, but Padre Pio, Mother
    Theresa, and other Saints validated, and that is good enough for me. As
    soon as you read about it, then you’ll understand why the church refused to
    reveal it. Garabandal is another attempt by Our Blessed Virgin Mary to warn
    us of what is about to happen VERY SOON. May God bless us all and have
    mercy on us. Amen.

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  4. Why would anyone believe any Christian prophecy about the end of the world
    when the very first prophesy about it, given by Jesus is that it would
    happen in the apostle’s life time? Seriously, if the founder of your faith
    (later made “God” by believers) got it wrong, maybe you should reexamine
    your faith…

  5. what is this… make a prophecy then hide it???? hahahaha… what is wrong
    with Mary, what’s the use of a hidden prophecy… hahaha… I don’t know..
    maybe this is another church show to gain more believers.. let’s face it,
    the more believers the richer church gets… hahahaha… who in the right
    mind would make a prophecy then hide it… let’s accept the truth, if Mary
    wants to save humanity, she doesn’t have to make a prophecy because she
    can’t die, she can show herself right now to everybody and tell them ‘if
    you don’t change, you die, you fucking sinner”, this is bullshit, prophets
    make prophecy because they die.

  6. Please dont comment bad words ,you’re not helping the humanity. Just pray
    for peace of humanity.

  7. Any suggestion that mankind has the power to achieve peace is suspect.
    According to 1 Thessalonians, chapter 5: …For you yourselves know very
    well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief at night. When people
    are saying, “Peace and security”, then sudden disaster comes upon them…”

  8. You know, I love the ‘Shrooms, but I don’t take the stuff I see at face
    value (as it were).
    Rock On.

  9. Really weird how Americans treat the words socialism/communism/marxism like
    the Harry Potter books treat Voldemort’s name…

  10. America is the first country that will be destroyed when the prophets come.
    Inshallah. Amen.

  11. we know. we r the modern day prophets. our blood will spill for christ. no
    more than that.

  12. Holly Spirit of God…let your glory fall on us all.
    For that we have a wisdom to listen and understand your words
    And your commant to us to do..
    Because with out u Holly Spirit.
    We can’t undrestang it….we can’t obey it.
    Let the ignorance and darkness out from our each heart.
    That may know your well.
    And understang it…with all our heart.

  13. Lespaul2006, please define science…isn’t the word derived from the Latin
    word for knowledge? Therefore, science, is really a quest for knowledge.

  14. Bless us Lord Jesus,we need a heart softened once again and restoration of
    Christianity in America, & truth in Catholic church restored.Lately it has
    been somewhat tarnished with all sorts of things to be acceptable that
    should not be,just like the Christians in America have turned to sinful
    perversion and from truth.Give us a clean heart and renew a right spirit
    within us, take the stony heart out of our flesh and give us a heart of
    flesh,let them turn back to you Lord,in Jesus name once again before it is
    too late.Amen

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