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32 thoughts on “THE BIG EVENT 2014-2015: PROPHECY HAS NOW BEGUN”

  1. Yes I know they didn’t happen the same year…Only about a year after.. and
    the very fact the blood moons land on a biblical holiday 4 times in a row
    should be enough for you to realize these are significant. God Bless, Jason

    “And there shal be signs in the sun, MOONS, and stars.” Luke 21:25

  2. Hey everyone. Just made a Facebook Page. It would help greatly if everyone
    liked and share it! Than you!

  3. Hey guys sorry for the late video. Also Thank you for all the support! Hope
    everyone has a Happy New Year! 2014 will be an interesting year for sure!

  4. 93, lol keep guessing dip shits… Abrahadabra the reward of RA-hoor-KU…
    SIGNS… REJOICE my name I come in the name of your CHRIST, and we have set
    the ball in motion lets ride it out…. BEHOLD A PALE HORSE…..
    antiCHRIST-opher_666 -> FEAR NOT AT ALL!…. Shhh, convert not, & talk not
    over much, KEEP THE SILENCE….. IT’S MY TIME NOW… OUR TIME… these
    fools and there gods are fools! Its because I am the rich man whom cometh
    from the west; I have and will pour my gold upon thee… Another KING SHALL
    REIGN We know and anyone paying attention knows what this is… Its the
    “fall of the great equinox” exciting times your stupid messiah JEWISH MAN
    -AntiCHRIST-opher_718 & Enilphenil_666!

  5. To All My Internet Friends What do you think ?
    Do you agree with this video or not???
    The Big Event 2o14-2015; PROPHECY H……

  6. ok freaked me out I live in eastern Ky. Never expected to see the Vicco
    story here. People better wake up I set out about 7 yrs ago to prove
    whether or not the Bible is real and all I kept finding was evidence for
    prove of the Bible. Just 1 piece of evidence is the Sumerian Kings list it
    even mentions the Flood of Noah, Google it. This is just 1 piece of

  7. Hmmm, let’s recap. Hal Lindsey once predicted the Apocalypse would take
    place in 1979, the Mayan calendar predicted a new “age of enlightenment”
    would begin in 2012, some scholars of ancient Norse Gods predicted the
    Apocalypse should have begun last year, but only I know when it’s really
    gonna happen. It’s gonna happen when humanity stops thinking it can
    properly read and interpret writings from long ago written by ancient
    religious figures from dead religions and/or languages.

  8. Jason, if CNN as anything to do with it it’s BS I was some what
    interested, until CNN came on or they’re affiliates “DON’T BELIEVE THE
    HYPE””DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE” This shit’s crazy that shit’s crazy. Stop
    distracting and stick to the facts ma’am stick to the facts!!!!

  9. hahaaha “blood moon” lol lunar eclipse is a common natural process. There
    are several every year depending on where you live on the earth. 

  10. The bible does talk about the signs of Christ’s Coming and when the end is
    near and the only thing we can do is notice the signs, not predict when he
    will come or when the world will end because Christ said that no man know
    the hour nor the day he come, not even he does. Only the father. And if he
    doesn’t know, neither does anyone else. All we can do is be ready for that

  11. Revelation 6:12 I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great
    earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the
    whole moon turned blood red,

  12. These very same jackasses predicted the end of the world in 2013, still
    here so nope not buying it. Yahweh was very clear that we would not know
    when it happens that he comes like a thief in the night… You all are a
    bunch of hypochondriacs

  13. 1:42 “Because God created everything mathematically” Maybe the Bible should
    actually skip the short stories and just give an exact calculation of Pi

  14. Father, I know that I have broken Your 10 Commandments and Your many other
    laws and my multiple sins have separated me from You and Your love. I am
    truly sorry, and I ask for Your forgiveness, for my selfish life, and now I
    want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me of
    all my sins, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your Son,
    Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and
    hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and
    reign in my heart from this day forward.Please fill me with Your Holy
    Spirit, and help me find a church home where I can be baptized and grow in
    my Christian faith as a new born again follower of JESUS. Please write my
    name in Your book and when You come again please take me to be with you and
    the rest of Your family to Heaven in Your Father’s house forever. I ask
    this with all my heart in Jesus name. I love you God. Thank you that You
    have heard my prayer and written it down in Your book. From this day
    forward I will read Your word and learn of You, and do my best to follow
    You all the days of my life.

  15. For all these stupid people who think that there won’t be any human beings
    left in the future, after an asteroid hits the world, well then you’re very
    Like the aliens has invented brilliant stuff as “spaceships” that we see
    everyday in the sky, and many other things that we haven’t seen yet, I am
    more than sure that humans will make stuff to defend us against astroids,
    global warming, dangerous weather, and all the stuff that might kill us
    all, scientists are working on defending our earth right now, and they will
    accomplish what they want to do.

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