Sharing The Word Of God At The Penafrancia Festival in Naga City Philippines

From September 17-20, 2009 a group of us proclaimed the Word of God to the thousands of people attending the Penafrancia Festival in Naga City, Philippines. ...

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35 thoughts on “Sharing The Word Of God At The Penafrancia Festival in Naga City Philippines”

  1. “I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another,
    neither my praise to graven images.” -Isaiah 42:8 “Thou shalt not make unto
    thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven
    above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the
    earth:” -Exodus 20:4 “The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the
    fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the QUEEN OF
    HEAVEN…that they may provoke me to anger” -Jeremiah 7:18

  2. Well, this is a clarion call for all Catholics to also stand up for the
    truths of the faith inherited from the apostles.If there is something wrong
    with statues please read the book of Numbers Chapter 20. The Peñafrancia is
    a tradition of the ecclesial community of Bicol. All those people are there
    to thank God for all the graces they have been receiving through Mary. NOT

  3. Worship – devotion directed to a deity. Question – Do Catholics consider
    Mary as Goddess? Ans – No, Catholics don’t consider Mary as Goddess.,
    Question – Do Catholics worship Mary? Ans – No. Catholics don’t worship May
    but we venerate Her. Question – Does bowing constitute worship? Answ – No,
    the Hebrew word “shachah” refer to worship, bowing, bow, obeisance,
    reverence and there are a lot of passages in the Bible where in it was used
    and it didnt applied to God, but to kings, people, etc. (GB)

  4. If indeed the Catholic Church is in error, why did god allowed it to exist
    for almost two millenium?When your ancestros was wreaking havoc in Europe
    during the reformation…Mary gained more than a milliion souls for her son
    in Mexico when she appeared in Guadalupe, Mexico.You are agents of Hell
    trying to destroy the TRUE CHURCH.

  5. Mary is the MOTHER OF THE CHURCH, We need a Mother to guide us to the way
    of JESUS her son and our brother,our Lord and our God….karapat-dapat na
    parangalan si maria…at tularan ang kanyang buhay sa pag-sunod niya sa
    AMA…ngunit hindi namin siya ina”IDOL” AT SINASAMBA KUNDI PINARARANGALAN
    ESCANDALOSO’T ESCANDALOSA!…Mga Bulaang propeta at mga epal!

  6. @rominabaz – We respect your right to believe whatever you want to. And you
    should also respect our right to say that you are wrong in your beliefs.
    That is one of the best things about the Philippines – free speech. Also I
    would encourage you to read the Bible in order to find out what Jesus wants
    and it would also be good for you to read and see what the Bible actually
    says about Mary. It might surprise you. :)

  7. Catholic’s call Mary the mother of God, but the Bible says.. John 1;3 ” All
    things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was
    made.” and Jesus says He was from the beginning with God the father, and
    when the universe was created Mary was not there. She was the chosen vessel
    to bring Him forth in the form of man, but that’s it. She is not sinless:
    she is not God nor the mother of God and she may not be worshiped She is
    not the queen of Heaven.

  8. Please Mind Your own businesses! That’s our Faith. Your ruining our Faith.
    Your Hurting Jesus! One World, One God!

  9. I love Mama Mary, she brings me to her son Jesus. I am proud to be a
    Catholic, and this is my faith.

    GREATEST Moron In the history of youtube…all of u making a SCANDAL during
    the celebration..that is not a Proclamation of the word of is A
    SCANDAL!!! this is a great devotion of the people to OUR LADY OF

  11. your crazy i always against protestant u know catholic is first to be
    establish and protestant just protest so shut up protestants we filipinos
    are proud to be catholics DISSOLVE PROTESTANTS NOW

  12. In case you do not know……..the original image of Peñafrancia is no
    longer used for the festival. But still the people did not lose their
    piety. WHY? Because their commitment is not to a wooden statue but to Mary
    who brings them close to Jesus.What you are doing is an insult to all that
    is best in the Filipino.

  13. @MegaJasper24 Yeah sure megajasper24, you don’t worship Mary or the statue
    of her… just bow down and pray to her, carry statues of her all over
    the place, light candles in front of her statues, offer various forms of
    sacrifices (candles, etc,) to her and typically talk more about Mary than
    Jesus. And you are AFRAID to get rid of any statue or image of Mary or any
    of the other various idols because if you do that, then you think something
    bad will happen to you. Idolatry yan…

  14. “Pueblo Amante de Maria” it means..PEOPLE IN LOVE WITH MARY! I’m so sorry
    to say that the Philippines is a Christian(Catholic) country,every
    filipinos is devoted to that in every part of the Philippines,
    THERE IS A DEVOTED TO MARY,khit anong gawin nio,hindi nio mapapahinto ang
    devotion ng mga KRISTYANONG PINOY kay Mariang Ina ni Kristo!..

  15. And so what is that to you? You come here in our country and accuse us of
    doing things we don’t. Your opinion doesn’t matter. In fact, you don’t
    matter to us. Who are you to preach to us anyway? You don’t know us. We
    belong to Christ and his Church existing for more than two millennias.
    Don’t force your false beliefs and your false churches on us. We know our
    beliefs and what we are doing.

  16. @djprays we honor the bleesed virgin mary as our mother you do not know the
    role of our blessed mother you do not know what is the meaning of
    VENERATION . di niyo ata napagisisp-isip un no.

  17. We have different beliefs in our own religion. Just respect it. I’m sure
    Jesus doesn’t want disrespectful people.

  18. @JtM565 those attending the festival are minding their own business. Go
    home to America you stupid foreigners. and there spreada your crazy

  19. Gusto ko lang pong mag comment sa gumawa ng videong ito. I’m a Catholic
    too. I’m against this video

  20. Why don’t you stay in your country and tell that to your people. I bet you
    can’t because they won’t believe you anyway. You just want to come here and
    try to impose on us. Why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia or UAE or Brunei and
    preach there. Don’t abuse our hospitality. We don’t want you here. Coming
    and bashing us and our beliefs, go home.

  21. we do not WORSHIP Mary we only venerate her and we also don’t worship the

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