5 thoughts on “Prophecy Club with Joseph Dumond Chronological Order of Prophecies in the Jubilees”

  1. This guy is the one wrestling with the scriptures because he didn’t preach
    what is meant to say that all the sins were laid on Him and that He became
    sin for us. That just went right right by the boards in the introduction
    of this video. So, you’re not going to get salvation by keeping the law,
    God doesn’t make deals. You can’t become a non-sinner by being good for
    awhile, so forget it. Believe, get born again, sin no more, and receive
    God’s forgiveness if you do sin, and if you have an honest heart about your
    errors before God, you will be forgiven as you forgive others continuously,
    He loves you. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide and be blessed the rest of
    your life.

  2. Jesus taught with Authority, this presentation reminds me of his Authority
    thunderously. The subjects here will strip skin off your conscience and
    blister the roof paint of your soul. As it was in the days of Noah will
    return brutally. YOUCH, fix your eyes on Y’shua the Messiah and hold on
    tight – The Aeroplane may Crash and Burn otherwise ! !

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