Proof of God, 300 Prophecies that Jesus Fulfilled

Calling all Atheists. Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, over and over again. There are End Time prophecies that will soon come to pass. You all owe it to yo...
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17 thoughts on “Proof of God, 300 Prophecies that Jesus Fulfilled”

  1. I’m always looking for proof of god. I’m an atheist who would like to
    believe in god. Unfortunately you can’t use the Bible to prove what is in
    the Bible. Actually evidence is needed. 

  2. The video is replete with errors. It does not cite 300 prophetic
    statements. Every one of the few statements that are cited and then
    analyzed depends on interpretation since Jesus is never specified. It
    relies on bogus probability mathematics and makes demonstrably false
    claims. In short it’s a mix of flawed analysis and preaching. If you have
    proof, then it’s unnecessary to preach because that will not bolster the
    proof. Personally, I’d say preaching tends only to make the proof claim

    Finally, one thing is indisputable: Orthodox Judaism, the religion that by
    virtue of history is the preeminent authority on the Old Testament, finds
    that not one word (prophetic or otherwise) of the Old Testament refers to
    the New Testament Jesus. Clearly the prophesies, whatever their number,
    are sufficiently non-specific and very much open to differing
    interpretation which disqualifies them as a basis for a proof.

  3. I was raised a Christian but became a Buddhist for almost 15 years, I
    believed in God but thought he would be okay with me pursuing nirvana. I
    studied and practiced devoutly and I saw the devil and demons on the way
    but no enlightenment. Meditation weakened and damaged my ego, made me lose
    confidence, it made me think less, then when I was practicing loving
    kindness meditation I directed all my love to God, He heard me and started
    speaking to me in scripture and signs. I realized Buddha was possessed by
    Satan, he is the Lucifer the Bible speaks of- he makes us weak. I became a
    Christian and Jesus enlightened me, He is strength, he saves us, gives us
    light, life and truth:

    John 8:12 – *When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light
    of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have
    the light of life.”*

    Buddha can not save anyone, his time was impermanent and he was cut down to
    the earth, he renounced God’s light and put himself above God, above
    heaven, and Buddhism extinguishes the light of life in death (nirvana).
    This is my testimony. The Lord is eternal and so is His kingdom, through
    his blood we are delivered from the hand of the Devil, sanctified and given
    the gift of life. Jesus is Lord, praise Him, open your hearts to him,
    repent and obey him.

    Thank you for everything you have given us Lord by the sacrifice of your
    only son Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

  4. an I am not angry just shocked too se how long you guy are gone to keep up
    this big lie an when he comes he s not coming for you its all written in
    the bible..

  5. The Koran doesn’t have a prophetic leg to stand on. The Bible is absolute
    Truth. Jesus is literally the Word of God who came in the form of man in
    order to become the very curse in which He agreed to pay for. He had to
    become one of us to atone for all of us. Jesus is God. Noone else can
    forgive sin except God argo, Jesus had to be God. Thank you Father for
    giving your Son in order to appease your own justice. Praise GOD forever!!

  6. how do you guys steal a black man birth right that’s just crazy an then
    tell him he know one or a nigger god will not replace us.. just so know!!
    yes we know an have none for a time now an how could you do this an
    denounce his skin color you are not going to heaven your gone to burn
    kasars. an jewish is not religion its a culture the tribe of Judah …

  7. you jews are not evan the real jews . you can not be waitng for the black
    jesus cause you guy are living a lie disrespecting him cause you are not
    whow you say you are!! when you guys stop lying about who you are an your
    skin color changes the you can be jews… why are you prtending to be
    isrealiites and you guys really believe you are that’s what is SCARY!!!
    but ok bless you guys or not???

  8. This is a great video to begin investigations into the proofs that are
    needed to PROVE Jesus is who He and the apostles claimed He is. Another
    set of much better videos is done by Chuck Pike. Not to diminish these
    video… good one. But these are full of scriptures from the Old Testament
    as well as the way the apostles use allegory aka “foreshadows” of Christ in
    the actual accounts of God’s people in the Old Testament to depict aspects
    of Christ. They are found at the YouTube channel “Kingdom Christian
    Network” and called PROVE IT in case this link changes in the future. This
    is the first one… other four of five total should be available. Prove
    It (Part 1) By Chuck Pike

  9. The bible is all the proof you need. It is a word of God. Prophecies have
    been fulfilled and day will come when Jesus will return to us. Thanks for
    the information. God bless you.

  10. The Truth of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World and embodiment of God
    is indisputable. Praise to God in the highest!!! Romans 10:9-10 If you
    declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that
    God raised him from the dead, you will be saved for with the heart a person
    believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses,
    resulting in salvation…

  11. Thanks for the information, new followers need this to help them declare
    who Christ IS, WAS and ALWAYS shall be, the son of God! A rock the church
    is built on, not Peter but rather what Peter spoke, You rabbi are the son
    of God! Michael

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