32 thoughts on “Perry Stone -The Jerusalem Prophecies”

  1. Perry, I am splitting hairs, but I don’t think that God would be ever
    obligated to do anything.
    I think that Satan just doesn’t understand how Holy God is. He’s demented
    from thousands of years of sinful rebellion against God.
    Maybe that’s what Satan thinks, but I just think Satan hates people because
    they are made in the image of God. The Jewish people specifically because
    they are a constant reminder that they are going to constantly be stepping
    their shoes and sandals, boots and feet in his face for all eternity. 

  2. Israel became extinct in 70 ad. God has done all he ever will do for the
    Jews. To preach a glorious future for the Jewish nation that rejectsChrist
    is a hideous twisting of the gospel of God, and makes the Nazarene out to
    be a failure to the Jews, so God has to appease them with something else,
    like giving them their land back, raining divine destruction and to
    destroy their “enemies” etc
    . Absurd and ridiculous teaching that makes a mockery of everything Christ
    ever preached to the Jews. Todays Jews are not Israel, there are no”12
    tribes” left. This is absurd teaching of bible prophecy.

  3. Issues with playback stops on multiple devices around the 1:55:00 to 1:56:00

  4. Thank God im a Preterist. This guy is loopier than a 100ft extension cord.
    God doesn’t care about Jews owning land, for goodness sake. He cares about
    Jews coming to Christ, before its eternally too late.

  5. Perry Stone ties some geographical and historical explanations in an
    interesting fashion , we like it 

  6. Jesus is not called the second Adam , his two tittles are Last Adam and
    second man ,get it right Perry

  7. These things were predicted (some as long as 4000 years ago) and yet they
    are now happening today in Israel. Those of us born in or after 1948 are
    the generation that has seen Israel become a nation again – in one day! –
    as was foretold thousands of years before it happened! Science cannot
    explain it. Man cannot fathom it. No mortal can duplicate it. We serve a
    MIGHTY GOD who sent his son to sacrifice his mortal body to save us from
    Satan’s clutches and the pits of hell. True? There is no doubt – the
    impossible with HIM has become possible and the fantastic has become
    reality. Praise GOD … Israel is coming to know the Messiah and Our Lord is
    coming back! And I believe he’s on the way and so much closer than we could
    ever dream. Our Salvation is NEAR. Praise GOD!

  8. Ever notice how there is hardly any crosses or symbols of Christianity and
    when there isnt a slide up on the big teleprompter screen above him its a
    big picture of him. He also consistently tells the congregation to praise
    his preaching and what he has come up with. His preaching IS very
    interesting and informative but he is very arrogant.

  9. limitlessbargroup… please don’t be a moron your embarrassing decent
    people every where, by the way what color is your skin, does it matter?
    That kind of talk only shows your inability to understand what is being
    discussed here. I hope you come to an understanding of who Jesus is and
    give your life to Him. If you repent and turn from your sins and call out
    the name of the Lord you will be saved and you won’t think like that

  10. Isreal is not black people you dummy. Sure, they have color in their skin
    but they’re not black. Obviously you’ve never been over there or met anyone
    from there. You don’t know what you are talking about bub.

  11. Woops! Our beloved Pastor Perry Stone makes reference to Isaiah 10: 9-10,
    but should be Isaiah 60 verses 9 and 10.

  12. I know the fake Israel is not black. The devil always counterfeits
    everything. I said the true chosen are the indigenous to this earth and it
    is the black race who you pale face devils have had in a true holocaust
    since you arrived. Stayed tuned because there will be gnashing of teeth
    mainly from people who bought this bullshit.

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