End Times Prophecies Concerning Israel Being Fulfilled in Detail Now! Proof that the Bible is true.

Wake up people! This speaker clearly outlines amazing Bible prophecies being fulfilled right now, in our generation! If you want proof that the Bible is true...

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25 thoughts on “End Times Prophecies Concerning Israel Being Fulfilled in Detail Now! Proof that the Bible is true.”

  1. One problem with the scenario the speaker presents; Hebrew Arabs have NOT
    converted to Christianity and do NOT believe Jesus was the Messiah. Also,
    every prophesy in the OT became null and void with the New Covenant just as
    Jesus Nullified Many important aspects of Mosaic Law.

    If you read the bible, it says that to know a false prophet is for him to
    do magic and give revelation that do not pass and Mosaic Law is clear that
    the Torah is not to be added to nor taken away from. Jesus has done both
    these things and the OT and NT are NOT compatible.

    Good luck, Israel will try to self fulfill and will not win and Jesus will
    not come to save you, as he doesn’t exist. Hebrew Arabs are NOT good people
    and cannot possibly represent the god of Jesus.

    In conclusion, you Christians are simply all twisted up and are so far from
    the truth.

  2. Rabbi’s from Israel have found a red heffer here in the states that they
    are closely examining.

  3. Modern Jews are not the descendants of Israelites, in fact the Palestinians
    are the real descendants of the Israelites and they live in exile now and
    the day will come when they defeat the fake jews and return to their land
    and that will be the sign of the end of time, Americans are supporting the
    enemies of real Israelites. 

  4. The Rapture takes place after the tribulation. The tribulation is not the
    same thing as God’s wrath. Tribulation was promised to us by Jesus, and so
    the promise that we’ll be raptured before the tribulation is a false
    promise forced upon God which he never made.

    For the sake of Christians do you research.

  5. even if this guy was telling the truth, which he isn’t, but even if he was
    its lost with the almost maniac yelling so common with american, so called
    pastors they all yell and carry on like idiots, its not preaching its
    performing and its sickening

    There is NO scriptural basis for a PRE-TRIBULATION “RAPTURE” …
    The word “RAPTURE” does NOT appear (anywhere) in the Holy Bible
    The “PRE-TRIB RAPTURE DOCTRINE” was “INVENTED” in the 1940s (USA).

  7. Life is to short to be concerned with death. The bible can be summed up in
    one sentence really. Be nice, do what you can and try to learn from your
    That’s it. No need to worry. We all die eventually and Lord willing he
    will teach us in spirit what we could not as a human. Pretty simple. The
    bible thumpers will never admit that when asked do all people go to heaven?
    The answer is no.

  8. You still believe in the bible. A 16th century translation of 8000
    contradictory copies of 4th century scrolls that claim to be copies of lost
    letters from the first century.

    You must be a special kind of stupid.

  9. I wouldn’t say that the case for the pre-trib rapture is overwhelming, but
    it is pretty strong. The other models are much weaker. To be adamant (or
    even nasty) regarding the interpretation of prophesy is foolish. The
    Pharisees thought they understood the prophesies regarding the coming of
    the messiah and missed it entirely. Be careful people, but even more, be
    Christlike. He described the end the way he did for a reason. Otherwise, he
    would have just spelled it all out. He does tell us to watch and to pray,
    but above all to obey his commandment to love and to be found ready and
    doing his work upon his return.

  10. This teaching has so much divine substance. Irrefutable truth of the signs
    of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

  11. I love the video. As the bible says, Christians will one day become the
    perceived as the enemy and will be ridiculed and hunted down. Don’t let the
    comments get you down. People who don’t know god don’t understand his
    works. The harsh comments won’t cease. But that doesn’t mean to give up.
    Thank you for posting this video.

  12. End Times Prophecies Concerning Israel Being Fulfilled in Detail Now! Proof
    that the Bible is true.

  13. Prophetic books are best after the “event” has happened. That way they will
    for sure ” Prove the … Book is true ” Like weather predicting the day
    after. Luv it ..!! 

  14. blood moons *lunar eclipses* will fall on Passover and Feast of Taberbacles
    back to back years 2014 2015, sun darkend *solar eclipses* Jewish new year
    2015 Feast of Trumpets 2015, this will not happen for another 500yrs, it is
    a sign from God as Genesis 1:14 tells us God made the lights for signs.
    Rapture, 3rd temple being built, Dome of the Rock coming down and or world
    war is coming. Nov 28,2013 comet Ison will pass us, this is the 1st night
    of the Jewish Holy Day Hanukkah. Signs from God

  15. May Yeshua drop the scales from your eyes before it is too late. God will
    punish those who spread false doctrine.

    “After the Tribulation: The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed” Official

  16. The Pope has a seat being built for him somewhere there. I just heard the
    Catholics own a ton of important land there. I’m scared of the Queen and
    the Pope. The Queen owns the companies behind the Gulf Oil Spill, Corexit,
    the Tepco Nuclear Disaster and she’s a child torturer , molester, and

  17. stop this madness
    rapture will happen only when Christ return,
    Your making the same mistake Jews made according to Jesus first coming.
    They expected him to appear like a conquest king. He appears like a humble
    and poor new born Baby…
    Attention Devil is confusing poople all around the world .
    Rapture means we will meet the Lord in the air when he appears on
    the cloud with all the Angels from heaven and all eye will see Him….

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