Edgar Cayce’s Seven Prophecies to Come

Here's an interesting one Edgar Cayce gave many readings and some of his predictions have come true Here are seven which haven't, yet He predicts a rise in c...
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25 thoughts on “Edgar Cayce’s Seven Prophecies to Come”

  1. Edgar Cayce was the greatest modern era prophet and although he was not
    perfect, he was good enough to earn attention
    Most prophets are frauds and they get lucky once in a while and become
    famous, but are seldom able to repeat the feat that beat the odds. Edgar
    Cayce will come back, because he said he would come back in the future! He
    said Nebraska will be the West Coast too!

  2. the flooding & changes can be decreased or increased by the action of
    humans..hopefully it has been decreased some from the visions of EC..

  3. I am one of the first born of the 5th root race. We are called, ‘Children
    of the Blueray’. 

  4. the hall of records was discovered feb. 1999 under the right paw of the
    spinx . the egyptians did not share it with the world.

  5. This is the prophecies to come. Then see Future Map of North America that
    my higher ups at Comcast thing will happen. Enjoy!

  6. Here’s an interesting one…
    Edgar Cayce gave many readings and some of his predictions have come
    Here are seven which haven’t, yet…

    He predicts a rise in consciousness and land rising in the Pacific as well
    as the Atlantic and the flooding of New York and the coasts of the
    Southeastern portion of the USA.

    He makes predictions for Canada and the Midwest too
    The Great Lakes will empty, directly into the Gulf of Mexico
    That means that the seas will rise, significantly;
    If the South Pole snow and ice melt, that two mile thick sheet of fresh
    water could cause sea levels to rise 600 feet and that’s what is needed to
    have the Great Lakes empty directly into the Gulf of Mexico. A pole shift
    would cause the South Pole to be warm again and that means melting of the
    snow and ice.

    The Zetas are predicting a pole shift and say we are 7 out of 10 or 70% of
    the way there..

    We will have to fend for ourselves, on the surface, without food, water or

  7. wtf? this entire video is spoken cryptically, and since its worded in such
    a way, it appeals to some people and they treat it as gospel. This guy
    said nothing, none of this came true so idk what you’re speaking about.
    “Lands will appear in the Atlantic, as well as the Pacific”….pretty sure
    that never came true there guy

  8. I studied Cayce’s “prophesies” years ago and finally concluded he never
    said anything of substance….it’s all just the meaningless ramblings of a
    brain in a dream state.

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  11. The people, who pay all the bills, are on a ‘NEED TO KNOW’ basis and those
    who have all the power, tell us only what we need to know If you assume
    that we are told everything, you don’t know your government Our government
    kills its own citizens, spies on us, robs our paychecks and puts a gun to
    our head on so many issues Our government rigs the elections, appoints the
    puppet President and you think our government are these clowns in roles of
    so-called leadership!

  12. Death by drowning is the best way to go.After initial panic the body
    accepts it and a euphoria develops.Water,the best way to come and go.

  13. Blame belongs to man and religion, and you are right to condemn it. Jesus
    is very clear when he said the Pharisees worship their father the devil. It
    is important to remember that Lucifer and God are not enemies, but man and
    Lucifer are. God gives us a choice to believe or not. Any other way, we
    would be automatons. Worship is for an insecure god. Faith is a tool if you
    need it – this is why we have brains. Man is simply confused by the status
    quo – like in any good marketing campaign.

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  15. I made this video a long time ago and I have no idea what your are talking
    about and I don’t want to study it to find what you mean It’s not a good
    use of my time Why don’t you get a lover and stop wasting your life?

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