25 thoughts on “Biblical Prophecy is Happening NOW 2014-2015”

  1. I do not think the antichrist is the pope I do think he is helping pave the
    way though, he is just a tool to be used to unite the worlds religions into
    one then when they are being assembled the antichrist will be off stage
    ready to take his place to lead the sheeple to their death, their will be
    much tribulation and I am afraid some Christians that believe they will be
    raptured may fall away the great apostacy because they will think they were
    abandoned or something to that effect.

  2. You guys believe in the big bang theory although nobody can prove what
    happend billions of years ago.It is just a theorie, but you cling onto it.
    Your ego and your life hangs onto it, but if somebody talks about God you
    call him or her an idiot. No books or anything where ever found to prove
    the big bang theorie right. But you want to rather believe in this than in
    the bible. A lot of historical things are proven to have happened, but you
    still call a believer in God an idiot, even worse, you hate believers in
    Christ. Perhaps someone can explain this to me, because it makes no sense

  3. Lightning strikes the new world trade center the same time as the pope is
    meeting with and developing alliances with Islam. Hmm interesting.

  4. When you shall see the abomanation of desolation Pope Francis stand in the
    Holy Place Flee to the mountians Judaea to Petra Jordan God has it prepared
    for you.
    The Pope should have been on his knees in Jerusalem not on his feet. Going
    to the temple of God of Christ’s Last Supper and then sitting in King
    Davids Throne at Davids grave Temple to God. Sitting there showing himself
    to be God… 2 Thess. 2
    Pope is the man of sin son of perdition . Then that WIcked be revealed
    Benny Hinn who’s coming is after the workings of satan. He will be consumed
    soon. He decieving the world with lying signs and wonders… Wake up people
    of Christ Yashua…

  5. do you know what your looking at? they use calenders and star charts. book
    of Job 38.. 13/2/13 Jag 6 ben. or Q555 118 4th blood moon 119. David first
    blood moon. 44 4/4 3rd blood moon Jag 6. 45 earth day 4/22/15. Saturn is
    called the king planet. that’s why they use it so much. ego advertising

  6. Who cares what the church of kiddy fiddlers does , just another bullshit
    religion like ALL the others. BTW have you ever heard of lightning rods you

  7. That bastard knows that I am going to deal with all of their criminal asses
    as well as the United States criminals and all of the criminals of Europe
    for all of their crimes against humanity and some of the crimes that they
    wanted to commit but can not commit because we the people of the lights
    will not let them. They are all going to die. You are all so damn stupid it
    is pathetic, why cant you all see what is right in front of your eyes. I
    will kick ass on all of the people that post stupid shit on my page I am
    sending the corrupt police in your cities to get you or bad weather. You
    have all been warned. Israel is evil stop supporting this realm of
    destruction theft and murder. You are all in a bunch of shit you should
    have never fucked with my children.

  8. Of course you assume the Biblical Prophecy is happening. All the liars and
    thieves that wrote the Bible and twisted the information from other
    civilizations, would have occurrences happening – go figure

  9. Why aren’t people taking notice of these historic thing’s? Guess they
    prefer sleeping.
    As always Jason, great video & glad you are showing these thing’s! God
    bless you & your’s always. XO

  10. “Signs and Omens”
    Quote from the book “Rubicon; The Last Days Of The Roman Republic” by Tom
    Holland, page 82. (Got it last month at Barns and Noble).

    “Sulla Redux”
    “On 6 July 86 BC, the largest and holiest building in Rome WAS STRUCK BY
    LIGHTENING. The ancient temple of Jupiter loomed on the summit of the
    Capitoline Hill. Here beneath a ceiling sheathed in gold, amid trophies of
    statues and shields, the GUARDIAN OF ROME had his shrine. Back in the
    distant days of the kings, excavators digging the temple’s foundations
    found a human head. Augurers, summoned to interpret this wonder, had
    explained that it foretold Rome’s future as the head of the World. Who
    could doubt, then, it was Jupiter who has guided the Republic to its
    …But now Jupiter had decided to destroy his own temple whit a
    thunderbolt. This was not a promising Omen. ” (Emphases mine)

    It’s funny how the ancient Romans could ‘read this Sign’ as dire but not
    the Roman Church’s Vatican! However, you and I know what and Who this is
    from and what it means at least in general.

    (Let me share some of Page 58 of the same book)
    “The autumn of 89 BC, looking to the future, the Roman people found
    themselves in the grip of a collective paranoia. A terrible war was drawing
    to a close, but despite the victory there was only a sense of foreboding.
    One again, it seemed, the gods were speaking through strange signs of the
    Republic’s doom. Most OMINOUS was a TRUMPET, HEARD RINGING OUT FROM A
    CLEAR, CLOUDLESS SKY. So dismal was its note that all those who heard it
    WERE DRIVEN HALF MAD WITH FEAR. The augurs nervously consulted their books.
    When they did so they found, to their HORROR, that the MEANING of such a
    WONDER left them little room for doubt: A GREAT CONVULSION IN THE ORDER OF
    THINGS WAS APPROACHING. One age would pass away, another would dawn, in a
    revolution fated to consume the world.” (Emphases mine)

    See how much ‘Smarter’ we humans have become over the past 2,000 years!
    They ‘got it’ but we don’t!


  11. When reading the bible parts with collation with the videos being show, I
    have tears coming from my eyes, just tears on other emotion!

  12. So, Jesus is coming within my lifespan, thus the rapture is coming, along
    with the 7 year war of good VS evil. Well this next 50 years might be

  13. Those that Bless Israel shall be blessed, Those that Curse Israel shall be
    cursed. I support Israel, anyone that supports The Muslims Should be the
    one’s beheaded by there own Laws. There the most inhuman people with the
    most deranged minded out side of Hitler that ever walked this earth. And
    any human that has got the nerve to stand up and say there a Muslims should
    be shot on site and rid this world of these cock roaches. 

  14. i wouldn’t believe all the pro israel propaganda. isis is a cia armed
    invention, a new bogeyman to justify all the wars

  15. Can anybody wake up please. World War 3 is about to began WWW=666!Satan.
    American the Daughter Of Babylon will be nuked. Age of the beast Jesus is
    coming and coming fast. Jesus has been warning us for over 3000 years. Of
    course people just dont care and they are so caught up on worldly things. 

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