Proof that the Law of Attraction works! Celebrity Testimonies

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30 thoughts on “Proof that the Law of Attraction works! Celebrity Testimonies”

  1. There’s nothing esoteric or arcane about “The Law Of Attraction,” it’s
    inextricable interlacing with quantum mechanics is a forced juxtaposition;
    hence the reason there’s an opinionated dichotomy in terms of their
    interpretations, discrepancies only derive because it’s the subordination
    of quantum mechanics. And Ofcourse the perpetual abuse of semantics; “The
    Secret,” “The Universe,” etc………

  2. You can be whoever you want to be!
    You can accomplish whatever your heart desires!
    You can go wherever you want! 

  3. *It is not the thought process or thinking positive which makes the law of
    attraction work, it is higher emotional states and
    Then your thoughts may be quantum entangled (Watch Red Dwarf x: entangled
    for a fun intro to the idea) and you will
    Be in synch with the world around you

  4. You can hear Kevin Trudeaus’s disgust and hatred towards christians every
    time he says the word “Christian”.

  5. It’s not the “love” of money that’s the route of all evil Its the FEAR of
    lack that creates greed, addiction and obsession not love. If you genuinely
    love money and believe in abundance then you won’t be greedy and you will
    likely use the money in a positive way. If you make money through the fear
    of lack of it then you become greedy because you innately believe there’s
    not enough and you don’t believe in abundance so you will likely be selfish
    and greedy. We gotta get out the mind-set that money is evil or the love of
    it is evil It’s neither of those things. Only fear leads to “evil” not

  6. Adolph Hitler must have been a master of the law of attraction because he
    commanded the SS to kill millions of people and they did not hesitate to do
    it. There were a few in the ranks who wanted Hitler dead but all attempts
    on his life failed. His mastery of the law of attraction made him immune to
    attempts to take his life. In the end though Hitler committed suicide.

  7. Personal testimony is horribly unscientific. There is no scientific basis
    for the “law of attraction”. 

  8. Neither Jack or anyone in this world can’t make you to get what you want.
    All they want is your money. If they could do this, why do they need your
    money in the first place? The reason why LOA doesn’t work for everyone is ‘
    our thoughts are conditioned to the negativity and we have no self-
    belief’. Religions,education,patriotism and so on are in our brain, so we
    can’t attract what we want. If LOA works for everyone, why everyone can’t
    be rich? these guys are just using the same ole in a different version and
    it works once in a blue moon and they celebrate it and put it on youtube.
    Listen, unless you don’t understand how vulnerable your thoughts are, you
    are not going to make it or attract what you want, I bet! The core is =
    self-belief and we don’t have it due to the above mentioned reasons. Even
    if you join the course, these charlatans would keep on blaming it all on
    you such as 1, you don’t do it what they said 2, so much negativity still
    …etc… Jeez, you are wasting your time on listening all craps you see on
    youtube. Try to work on what suits your thought pattern. Some people get
    quick result because they are not that vulnerable, however, most of us need
    a real analysis or assessments of their thoughts pattern and root issues.
    Until or unless you work on what works with your brain fast, no LOA lessons
    would work for you more than a limit. Look, these guys only after your
    money and there many mushroom like guys sell theri product and ask you to
    join their webinars online. They get your youtube ID from here and send it
    to you. What a desperate LOA group. I wish if they could do like what Jesus
    did ( money out of the fish or something like that). They don’t even trust
    in their philosophy but they would keep on insisting upon you. If it
    worked, then they would use that anecdotal to fool others/simpletons. Bob
    proctor and Rhonda Byrn needs your money and they never used LOA but used
    your money by selling their courses or books. Work on with your thoughts.
    TIPS: 1, find out how negative you are( you would see that in a real
    situation, but not when you lie down and watch youtube– don’t let your
    emotions to fool you when you watch youtube; it is just a pseudo reality)
    2, make a wish– see what happens; if it is a negative one, then you are a
    negative.If it is a neutral one, then you are a neutral one or so on. 3,
    see how vulenrable you are to your own wishes and record it. 3, work on it
    4, find out why it happens—- normally because of we are so negative with
    that—- education,logic etc 5, Am I gonna be successive? Yes, If you
    observe what your ‘mind’ is ( sorry I don’t believe in the existence of

    See what works faster for you and ask yourself why? you would see that your
    brain or thoughts are aligned to the result. You can not just be positive
    and fool yourself.

    These guys are teaching you how to fool yourself and they key is you can’t
    fool yourself, but change it and adopt it. you can upgrade it.

  9. Why do you have Oprah’s segment? She hasn’t been grateful for her wealth.
    She said that she did it by herself.

  10. 2+2=4 no matter what you think. The great thing about science and math is
    that it’s true no matter how you want to perceive it.

  11. It is a shame people don’t take this more seriously, because it has worked
    for me and obviously every other person who lives the life of their dreams

  12. If the law of attraction worked, then why can’t millions of desperate third
    world mothers feed their dying children? Are you to assume that they just
    don’t want the food enough, or don’t feel they deserve the food enough? No
    thinking person would believe such nonsense… This is pseudoscience, and
    it has gained popularity because wishful thinkers need a way to justify
    their greed. Prove me wrong!

  13. Oprah is a joke!!! Just look deep into her eyes, you won’t see love or
    respect, you’ll see power, arrogance and greediness. She respects people as
    long as they bring cash into her pockets. Don’t get me wrong I love money
    myself but I wont lie or use people to get them! She is anything BUT a
    highly spiritual person I would learn from! No thanks!

  14. the law of attraction will have you lying in bed fantasizing stuff and
    accomplishing nothing. the law of action is what gets shit done!

  15. In a world that is ruled by the wicked by the law of attraction if you
    steal off of them then you’ll get no where so your all speaking on their
    behalf. The wicked got their power by trying to betwix the word of the
    lord. So in the end all these people are going to be punished because by
    what they are saying. The law won’t work for them forever because they
    built their kingdom by trying to murder the lord of the universe trying to
    usurp his kingdom creating a false power which will be short lived. In
    other words they fixed the circuitry for themselves, and the law of
    attraction seems to work for the wicked who will be crushed anyway for
    being lieing crooks trying to make themselves god. This form of temple
    prostitution goes back a long way in our history, and now we have reached
    critcal gross mass. By the spirit of truth the wicked will be destroyed so
    life can go on for a future generation without the influeneces of this
    world that you all have built by lies. For example the Catholic church is
    that of the power of the antichrist, and people go in to that church every
    sunday to give them money. This has happened for a long time, and these
    people who go to this church are giving their power to an abomination which
    makes things deslolate. Just look at what these type of people did to the
    earth coming in the name of Jesus raping us all giving power to the
    beast.If there was no lord then the grass wouldn’t be green. We wouldn’t
    even exist. The wicked can only trespass so much, and then they will be
    destroyed. Christ said, my yolk is easy, my burden is light. Seeing that
    the wickedly cowards never really suffered anything, and in the end will be
    wrecked in the most painful way because we endured all that they threw at
    us. So their kingdom will be crushed because they can’t rule by themselves
    without because they have no life in them, and it is the lord that sustains
    all who gave life. They have not the heart or mind to be able to rule, and
    will perish. Where the lord is forever an incorruptable foundation, and the
    universe is in development according to his light. The true vine.
    How does your garden grow?

  16. *People are more lost than ever*, *Its time for a mass-awakening*

    Google: *TruthContest* and read “The Present”

  17. Jim Carrey once lived on the street, and look now where he is! Of course
    its real, it works

  18. LOA does work, but it is a disgusting parody of the truth from demons.
    Hebrews 13:8-9
    ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Do not be led
    away by diverse and strange teachings, for it is good for the heart to be
    strengthened by grace, not by foods, which have not benefited those devoted
    to them.’
    Matthew 21:22
    ‘And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.’
    2 Corinthians 11:14
    ‘And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.’
    Exodus 22:18
    ‘You shall not permit a sorceress to live.’

  19. A rational explanation of the law of attraction has been well established
    in the Bible and the Quran… The idea is to race towards building a
    personal relationship with the Creator, fasting and doing good deeds for
    the sake of Allah (swt). The results of this are success, peace and
    tranquility in this life and the next. The important ingredient here is to
    worship and fear nothing except Allah (swt) because without that you may
    get some material rewards but they will only lead you further off the
    straight path if your religion is not strong enough to deal with material
    success in a righteous way. Allah (swt) created us to get to know Him and
    get to know eachother in order to reward those of us who are best in
    conduct. If life wasn’t a test, there would be no sure for a reward and
    Allah (swt) could have made us all angels. This is the purpose of life and
    it is something we should all take seriously because this life is short,
    while the next life is eternal. 

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