Life Mastery Seminar – Cairns

Life Mastery Seminar - Cairns
Event on 2016-10-15 09:00:00
FREE Life Mastery 1 day Seminar! (valued at 7) Do you feel blocked in accessing your potential to create a life you love? This one day seminar is a blend of Holistic Life Coaching, Metaphysics, The Law of Attraction and Holistic Healing. Ancient Wisdom presented for modern times. Are you ready to heal and transform and awaken? Are you over attracting the same problems into your life? Would you like to learn why you continue to create the same old thing over and over and learn how to create what you desire? Do you want to know the Secret of the Secret? Are you ready to live your life completely aligned with your soul purpose? If you are ready to transcend your current life and awaken to who you truly are, your purpose and a divinely guided and intuitive life join us at this amazing event. Discover what is possible in your life when you connect to your soul purpose and become aware of how to clear the blocks in your way of fulfilment, abundance & happiness! Beyond the law of attractionConscious creation Soul Purpose AbundanceSelf Mastery Join Dee Littlewood, Visionary Leader, Spiritual Teacher and Healer as she guides you within yourself to access your potential. She will show you how to: - Recognise the internal blocks causing your life to manifest in the way it is- Shift and transform these blocks- Channel your energy into creating a life aligned with your soul purpose You are an infinite spiritual being having a human experience. You are here for a purpose and have within you all that you need to create a life of abundance, flow and fulfilment and to realise your heart's deepest desires. Visit: for more information.

at Rydges on the Esplanade
137 Esplanade
Cairns, AustraliaRydges on the Esplanadeлучший

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