Inspiration – Episode 9 (Islam and Terrorism)

Ninth Episode Of #InspirationSeries IS HERE! IBN and Easy Production "Islam and Terrorism" Ft. Omar Suleiman and Mohammed Zeyara Directed by: Muhammad Bayazi...

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28 thoughts on “Inspiration – Episode 9 (Islam and Terrorism)”

  1. The maker of this video had a genuine opportunity to discuss Islamic
    extremism, but instead he pulled the stereotypical Islamic victimhood
    card. It’s the media’s fault, Islamic terrorism only accounts for 6% of
    the attacks, etc. What he doesn’t discuss is the body count, or the well
    funded, and multinational Islamic terror groups behind the attacks. He
    also overlooks the fact that Islamic terror isn’t higher because the United
    States’ intelligence services have stopped a lot of these attacks from

    I would respect Islam a lot more if Muslims would learn to look at
    themselves and their religion to see what they can fix, and
    not automatically blame “the media” or others with how they are perceived.
    Islamic extremism is a real problem in Islam, and more moderate Muslims
    would do well to confront that problem head on. 

  2. Stereotyping a Muslim as terrorist…THINK AGAIN.

    Violence has no religion. Islam is religion of Peace.
    Remember the words of Prophet of Peace , Muhammad(peace and blessings of
    Allah be upon him) -Spread peace ,feed your people ,pray at night as others
    around you sleep.

    KEY to Spreading Peace :
    Don’t miss a chance to give DAWAH(inviting others to Islam). Set a GOOD
    ROLE MODEL as a muslim both at home ,work and in public.

  3. Islam preaches interest free banks. do you think it sits well with all wall
    street and bankers ? Of course they are scared of Islam.

  4. I’m not a Muslim & I’m against racism 2.
    yet what I understand is;
    majority of Muslims are not terrorists, but majority of terrorists are
    Muslims. can u explain that…

  5. If you’re really so into following the prophet of allah pbuh, he also said:
    عليه الصلاة والسلام: ((أنا بريء من كل مسلم يقيم بين أظهر المشركين))
    So know that prophet Muhammed pbuh is completely innocent of Muslims living
    amongst kuffar. ..

  6. I am a Christian I love human beings as a whole irrespective of Religion,
    race etc. I hate lie and liar.
    In this video I heard something unusual that i have never heard in my life
    as a follower of Jesus. @ 3:22 “I told him I have seen people killed in
    the name of Christ, but I don’t blame Jesus(pbh) for their actions”. Please
    don’t try to spoil our faith by telling people that actually didn’t happen.
    For your information I can show you so many videos Islamic terrorists what
    names you may give them killing dozens of people in the name of Allah. Try
    to speak the truth, truth and only truth can set you free. 

  7. isis reminds me of that kid in Santa Barbara who murdered people because of
    his inability to get some

    Isis is a movement of sexual losers

    Channeling their misery into violence

    Hence, the lure of the Virgin promise. Too pathetic in life to approach a
    girl, so they lust for that capability in death.

    And suddenly, jihad becomes cool because they think they’re gonna get some,
    when in fact. .. THEY’LL ALWAYS BE SEXUAL LOSERS

    Insecure people. Why do women have to cover up? Because of the Islamic
    man’s insecurity. I see it here with these young Islamics in clubs. They
    always call me when they get my number from their girls cell phone. Lol.
    They have no backbone. I take their women.

    Losers in life. That’s why they choose Islam
    A religion for those that can’t come to grips with the magic that is human
    and free.

    Think about outer space. All the discoveries we have ahead of us. All the
    things bigger than us. All that is out there. Your mind can’t grasp it.
    This is the truth.

    Islam wants to ignore all that is great. Real losers are those that can’t
    think for themselves. Can’t see the big picture. Did isis ever land on the
    moon? And they never will.

    Welcome to the year 1243

    That’s Islam

  8. Islam is derived by submission to Allah (God), not peace…. He also
    have a blissfully wonderful way to ignore all the violence in the Quran and
    the reason why we have ISIS, Al-Qaida and other organizations like it.
    Christianity was able to get beyond it’s own issues by enlarge by adopting
    and allowing secular thought. The Arab world is rejecting secular thought
    and science for tradition and ignorance. Instead of the PLO and Fatah they
    are starting to embrace Hamas with open arms, instead of Pan-Arabism and
    Ba’athist thought it is the Muslim brotherhood. ISIS and worse. Instead of
    lying about the racism, sexism and hatred in Islam, reject those aspects
    completely and live in a Secular-(post)Islamic world embracing fully the
    good traditions and teaching of the Prophet and rejecting the rest.

  9. Terrorism and extremism is a virus in the Muslim community. I don’t think
    Muslims are doing enough to prevent the spread of this disgusting virus. I
    still see dodgy extremist lecturers being allowed to lecture in some
    mosques i’ve been to, who spread hate and manipulate the vulnerable minds
    of youth. These extremist groups are just mass brainwashing organisations.

  10. This series must never end !!! Keeps getting better at each new episode
    even my non-Muslim friends are looking forward to it <3 !!!!

  11. What is the verse right after the famous one about peace? oh yeah crucify
    or cut off thier hands and feet! That’s peace! Indeed, the penalty for
    those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth
    [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that
    their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled
    from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in
    the Hereafter is a great punishment,Surat Al-Mā’idah

    CAN LOVE !

  13. Alhamdulilah. I realy love all the videos you’ve made and I’m so thankful
    because you’re videos inspired me and brought me closer to Allah.
    Alhamdulilah again may Allah grant you the highest level on jannah. Keep up
    the good work and may Allah protect you. Salam :)

  14. Wonderful video! The series is absolutely brilliant. Please continue to
    make more. Make Allah reward all of you immensely.

  15. mashaallah really inspirational. thanks to our brothers who made this great
    video may Allah reward them for their great effort to to touch the heart of
    others especially mine. jazakallah kheyr

  16. I REALLY love these Inspiration because it Motivates me to do better. I
    hope he will keep making these even thoe I understand how much of a hard
    work it actually is.
    God bless ya’ll :D

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