25 thoughts on “Huge Inspiration from Life Class and Oprah”

  1. I really have never been big with my Mississippi home girl Oprah, but I
    must say that she is one of the VERY few who enjoys her successes. It is
    extremely hard to enjoy life if your are extremely poor or extremely rich.
    She has actually lived her life and always stayed healthy and dressed in
    appropriate colors. If you have not noticed, Oprah uses lots of earth
    tone colors in her house, magazine and clothing. They are the most
    relaxing colors know to man. When I saw the colors of her rooms, furniture
    and bedding, they were the same thing I would have purchased as well. She
    is not big on black males and never had a show about them and created many
    white male millionaires, but I have to give her some credit for that which
    she does. I also noticed that Oprah’s and Jada Picket’s hair can grow over
    night. She is part Creek Indian from Mississippi.

  2. This is one of the reasons why the Bible will always remain the most sold
    book in the world, the purest truth and wisdom. What Oprah talk about are
    Biblical principles, without knowing it people of the world use Biblical
    principles and they always work. For example acting as if it were and
    speaking it into existence, life and death is in the power of the tongue.
    Faith, hope, love and wisdom . Principles on forgiveness, faith, hope,
    persistence all come from the Bible. Love conquers all, treat others how
    you’d like to be treated, all good and godly laws come straight from the
    Bible, forever it will stand, the word of God can never be void.

  3. Oprah as a black women makes black people look good. a racist will never
    be a racist ever again , after waching her!!! I was a bit racist
    before….and i am sorry. She is so smart!

  4. The story behind the mustard seed is even though it is small, it only takes
    one to grow and eventually from that one acres of ground can be covered.

  5. The choices you make have will result in bad consequences latter. This life
    is but a dream eternity is forever . Oprah is.playing with fire . Hell is
    full of wealth people that sold out for a very high price .satan comes to
    kill steal and destroy. We are in a spiritual warfare with satan and his
    demons are fighting to get your soul by deceiving and misleading many to
    hell. There is only one way to heaven and it’s JESUS this new age religion
    is a false doctrine that Oprah preaches is one way satan is use her to
    confuse many and lead them to hell. 

  6. Oprah- thank you. I love how inspired and confident I feel in knowing my
    doubts and struggles happen to others. Today I heard, believe, be still and
    take action as if its already real. Thank you. 

  7. What do you believe about yourself? Please watch. #StrayInkLLC
    #UnderstandWhoYouAre #BelieveInYourself Huge Inspiration from Life Class
    and Oprah

  8. This is what I know, Oprah is a strong force to people who watch her on
    national television. I am 64 and I still say ‘ that this will not be my
    last days of living on this earth. ‘Still I Rise.”

  9. when i need inspiration oprahs got my back sheeeeshhh I WISH i could just
    sit and talk with her to soak up her wisdom!! She truely speaks to my heart
    through her encounters and words. She has been a huge part in me starting
    my youtube channel! #OprahWinfreyShow #BrandyBrimShow 

  10. Fantastic, thank you for posting! Thank you, Oprah and everyone who
    contributed to this video… shared with friends who are loving it, too!

  11. Had a diffcult week and could not get out of bed today. Thank you so much
    for this. I am finally up and about and acting on my beliefs and purpose

  12. Oprah whine don’t put your trust on money for you don’t know what tomorrow
    will bring you the majorly of most people live for today but never give a
    thought of where you are going to spend your eternity. Oprah’s success
    didn’t come from the almighty the way most people think that God bless her
    with wealth. She is her own god. Oprah along with the majority of all
    celebrities including president Obama sold her soul to the devil she is a
    witch she worships satan. She sold her sold for all the wealth she has and
    all the fame she has now. The bible says for what will a man profit to win
    the world and to lose your own soul. (Hell )

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