How to Have the Love Of Your Life – GUARANTEED RESULTS! The “Law Of Attraction”

How to Have The Enjoy of Your Daily life Utilizing The "Regulation Of Attraction" Certain Outcomes! Your existence must modify the way you envision it... (Typical time inside of 30 days)
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25 thoughts on “How to Have the Love Of Your Life – GUARANTEED RESULTS! The “Law Of Attraction””

  1. I love this video. However, there’s something that bothers me at 2:00 the
    background voice says something like “I feel sad”! Do you guys hear it? Why
    would such an affirmation be inserted in this video… I can’t get it out
    of my mind everytime I watch this. Other than that, it’s great!

  2. people this here works, believe me when i tell you… i listened to this
    and i believe 2 or 3 weeks later went on a date with a girl made out and
    everything, exactly 8 days later i went over another girl’s house and made
    out with her too (ps she didnt want to go the extra step)

  3. So here’s my story. Last year, I watched this video. About a couple of or
    three days later, I met my soul mate. I had forgotten that I wrote it as
    one of my wishes. Later on, like 5 months later, I remembered and dug out
    the journal I’d written those wishes on. I love him and we are such
    opposites, yet there is an excellent harmony within our similarities and
    differences. I just wish he could love me too. We’re good friends. Can
    anyone tell me how to go about this from here? What happens after? And what
    if your soul mate has not realized that you are his soul mate? Thanks.

  4. I have been watching this on and off for around 3 weeks and I am a little
    confused as to whether I’m actually going to try to daydream about the
    goals or is it just something that he says

  5. I have been doing a lot of these techniques for a bit. Positive things are
    happening. And I am so happy & grateful for the encouragement. :)

  6. so this is day 6 for me of doing this challenge and idk but i have seen
    some things happening and don’t know if it pertains to this video but since
    i started to see some things happening. I played the lottery and won a lil
    bit of money. I got a call from a very reputable company for a job
    interview. I will continue and hope to see some improvements and we will
    see what will come through later. I am hoping for a wonderful man to enter
    my life one day

  7. today is my last day. i was watch this video maybe more then month. i was
    attract a some money enough for my need. happy new year

  8. Hi Ace in 4 days that i have been watching this video ,somebody paid me the
    money she owes me.I am still waiting for my lifetime partner.Thanks!

  9. Hi Ace – This video worked for me last year attracting my love. I would
    like to know could this video be used for other areas of life:
    Work,Money,Success etc? and just skip the love section?? or if you have
    other videos?? this is best video EVER thanks

  10. actualy my goal is to attract my ex .i read about the law of attraction and
    now i have a big think about it , my question now that i read a diffrents
    idea about it and i start to be confused how can i practice it right !! cz
    thet say that i should do a daily execrcie like this video in the same time
    i read anather article where it wrote that i shouldn’t thing so much about
    my goal and let it go cz like that the subsonciause will be tired…and wll more harder to manifest my goal soon .. well. frenkly i thk about
    my ex all the day i’am not upset cz i know i wll let him come back but i
    need to tell me what i should do exactly plz M .ace plz help!!

  11. Hi Ace. Nice video. I am a bit confused about this part : “I understand
    that i cannot control others or their Moods”. This part really make me lose
    my faith a bit. Do I Really can attract ANY person to love me if i really
    believe and feel that that’s going to happen? I also have read “The Power
    of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy a couple of times and i started
    to believe that is so true. There are some similar techniques like you
    showed in this video. :)
    Thanks, All the best :))

  12. hello ace..i know i came across this video late but I was wondering where
    is it that i can find your book? 

  13. help- i’ve started watching this video in 2012 and i stopped later on. my
    life changed and today when i think about the good moments i had, i realize
    that 2012 was the best year i had.
    there is supermarket in my local village, and there was a very beautiful
    girl working there. sometime i just went there falsely just to look at
    her.i keep thinking of her day and night. but now.. i don’t see her
    anymore..;( snif.. what should i do??

  14. Wow I have been watching this video at the most difficult times of my life
    and I tell you powerful things have happened to me. Money manifested
    instantly, New found friendships and ideas.. This video is powerful and
    life changing. I now know how powerful thought truly is. Bless you for
    sharing this.

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