How to build best-in class Operations for e-commerce and how to adapt for fast-growth

How to build best-in class Operations for e-commerce and how to adapt for fast-growth
Event on 2016-04-29 08:00:00
Paulo Castanon (MBA 02D) is delighted to invite you to the 6th edition of the breakfast series: HOW TO BUILD BEST-IN CLASS FOR E-COMMERCE AND HOW TO ADAPT TO FAST-GROWTH (from 8:30 to 10:00 - Breakfast served at 8:00) With Everett Hutt, CEO Groupe 3SI & Jean-Michel Garneri, Managing Director, e-Retail operations are getting extremely complicated. It is no longer a case of simply stocking warehouses with desirable goods and waiting for e-shoppers to fill-in the shopping cart. Rapid developments in technology are changing the game. Modern-day e-retailers have to make their goods available via websites and mobile apps, run efficient e-commerce operations, deliver goods to the consumer's front door in a snap and be prepared to manage a backlash on social media if things go wrong. Consumers are becoming more demanding and less willing to tolerate failure. They want a seamless end-to-end shopping experience however they interact with the e-retailer. Behind that experience underlies an operation that needs to be agile, lean and effective. We have the privilege to have in our next round table two exceptional business leaders from two fast-growing and highly successful e-commerce companies. Everett Hutt from Group 3SI and Jean-Michel Guarneri from will help us understand how to run best-in class operations and fulfil the consumer expectations in a fast evolving environment.    ABOUT: The Operations & Supply Chain club goals are to: 1) be a platform of exchange on experience and best practice, 2) be a source expertise where state of the art practices and technology are analysed, 3) contribute to extend the network of professionals that share common interests and challenges. Its leitmotiv is Inspire, Grow & Connect. The club created & led Paulo Castañón (INSEAD, MBA & MSc. in Operations, Stanford University), with more than 20 years of experience as executive managing Operations at international companies in France, China, USA & Mexico. ABOUT: Everett HUTT  Everett has been the 3SI Group’sCEOsinceDecember 2015. He holds a degree in history from the University of Yale (1992). He gained his MBA and his masters in law at the Wharton School in 1999. He is a member of the Bar of New York and Washington, DC. He began his career in 1992 working in advertising at Wells Rich Greene BDDP in New York and Schell/Mullaney in Paris. From 1993 & 1994, Everett was a researcher for UNESCO in Paris. Between 1994 & 1997, Everett worked for legal firms Coudert Frères& Bredin Prat, as well as for Microsoft's European Head Office legal department. He worked as a Consultant for McKinsey in Paris, where he contributed to numerous projects in a range of areas such as brand positioning, post-merger integration, business development, organization, cost reduction and due diligence. Everett joined the Newell Rubbermaid Group in 2002 and spent 8 years at the EMEA division. He went on to hold a series of positions, starting with Product Marketing Manager, Marketing and Supply Chain Services Director, Managing Director for After-Sales services, Surplus Stocks Director and lastly Development Director.  Everett has dual French/US nationality. He was President of the Yale Club of France between 2004 and 2013. In 2010, Everett joined 3SI Group. He has held roles as Strategy and Management Control Director and as the Group's Chief Financial and Administrative Officer.  3SI GROUP  3SI Group is an e-commerce and e-commerce services group. Its clutch of e-commerce companies sees it rack up 20 million unique visits to its websites in Europe every month. It is also France’s leading private operator of e-commerce services. 3SI Group numbers more than 8,000 e-business clients in France, Belgium and Spain.  The Group generates a turnover of €800m, numbers some 4,000 employees and operates 16 companies in 20 countries. 3SI Group is a wholly owned member of Germany's Otto Group, the world’s second largest e-commerce service provider for consumers.  Jean-Michel Guarneri Jean-Michel is an Expert in logistics & management, he was appointed Oscaro’s General Director in 2014. Graduated at KEDGE Business School, Jean-Michel started his career as an Auditor at Ernst & Young. Four years after, he entered the dynamic world of Logistics in which he successively held several key positions (Financial officer, Managing officer, Chairman of the Management Board at “Legris Industries”, “Savoye” & “CEPL”). In 2011, he was appointed Supply Chain Director of the European Leader in flash sales:  Current president of ASLOG (French Association of Supply chain and Logistics - founding member of the European Logistics Association), Jean-Michel is the ambassador of the French logistics industry in the world. Founded by Pierre-Noel Luiggi and Veronique Campbell in 2001, Oscaro is the European leader in distribution of genuine automotive spare parts on the web with a turnover over € 300 M. Oscaro gives access to an electronic catalogue of over 650 000 references and a website with an efficient and intuitive interface. The company focuses on premium parts for the end consumer. A 24 to 48 hour delivery and a local call center with 200 mechanics complete a very competitive offer.  Innovation is key, the company constantly develops its own technological tools to invent an unmatched customer experience. Its technological advantages (big data, proprietary algorithms, search engine solutions, etc.) enable the website to attract more than 8 million visitors each month. The company’s performance results also from its logistic system based on the “just in time” concept. Oscaro was awarded in 2014 with the prize “King of the Supply Chain”.    Knowledge Parnter : 

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