How Our Beliefs Affects The Quantum Field! (Law Of Attraction)

This an excerpt from Greg Kuhn's new book, buy it here!
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18 thoughts on “How Our Beliefs Affects The Quantum Field! (Law Of Attraction)”

  1. Ok I get all that….so how do I change my sub conscious beliefs that are
    inhibiting my positive thoughts to manifest?

  2. Great message that the masses need to hear, but probably won’t listen :(
    If only we could change our minds…and our world. Perhaps one day!


  3. OK.. been coming across quite a few vids of this nature, which seem to be
    incongruous in message. this one states that changing the sub is easily
    done by changing ones conscience thoughts. then contradicts this by later
    saying that no amount of thinking no matter how positive will effect the
    change that. the sub only understands emotions/consequences etc .. well
    from personal experience i have broken thru to the other side of “reality”
    several times in my life to experience so-called “miracles”, by the way,
    some of the most challenging shit i have ever done. and not ONCE did i just
    pop up and go BAM!! pulling pure raw emotion out of thin air. it don’t
    work that way.. at least not for “normal” people. lol these demos ought not
    to undermine the efficacy of thoughts/contemplation.. they are the key that
    will eventually lead to those elusive ahh ha moments we call realization,
    by which ignites ones emotions. you can’t light a fire without a spark.
    thoughts, words, and contemplation are such sparks..infact it’s not even
    absolutely vital that one reaches the point of raw emotion. i speak from
    personal experience at least in “one” of the few cases iv’e had. ask
    yourself, was EVERY belief ,currently in your head, fostered by some strong
    emotion? ??? however emotions do a much more effective jpb at producing
    results i agree to that.. thoughts are yin/female and emotions are

  4. Same old stuff that’s been put out for the last 150 years. Yes it works for
    some things; especially health and peace of mind. I recommend Charles
    Filmore, Emily Cade, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Florence Scovel Shinn and
    Prentice Mulford. Good old fashion writing that’s not watered down by
    people trying to make money using other people’s ideas.

  5. I get a little bit lost in the analogy, but it was awsome.
    It’s like going back to the wave function, that our selfes colapse in the
    My english is really bad..

  6. Omg!!! Feel like a total but here….disregard that comment….had
    something else playing through the car radio :)…thank you for your videos

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