Create Your Vision Board, Create Your Future

Create Your Vision Board, Create Your Future
Event on 2016-01-17 13:00:00
Find the Dream that still lives in your heart  Create Your Vision Board Sunday, January 17 1 to 5 pm Workshop fee includes all Visioning materialst Workshop presenter: Karen Karsten, ACC, CPCC Certified ARTbundance coach  Creating a vision board may be what you need to reconnect with your spirit and sense of self and help you manifest what you really want in your life..    This workshop will help you get centered in where you are now, and where you want to be. Using guided visualizations and images, you will relax and experience a deepening of your own self-awareness—perhaps reawakening dreams thought forgotten or revealing a new life path.      The resulting vision of what you want will be translated to a Vision Board using images and other materials.   Your Vision Map truly reflects what you want in your life and creates a physical, visual symbol, which will begin to activate the Law of Attraction.  Dreams don't go away--we carry them deep within, no matter our age. Visioning is a whole-brain process that speaks in images and dreams, and begins by naming your heart's desire.  In this workshop, you will • Clarify your Personal Vision using guided Visualizations • Create Your Vision MapExamine and explore what you have created • Develop written intentions for getting your vision into your world • Reinforce your dream Need more information? Contact Karen at  

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