152 The Law of Attraction Amazing — Faster EFT Robert Smith

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34 thoughts on “152 The Law of Attraction Amazing — Faster EFT Robert Smith”

  1. While they were tapping, I actually thought that this dog was going to
    heal, and by the end of the video, I was glad to see that it did!! :-)
    ( I am an EFT practitioner)

  2. Thank you so much. Even though I have remarried, I tapped for my grief over
    my last husbands illness and death and found great relief.

  3. Jeez! How frightening, it’s a bit like if we were the prey of our emotions,
    a bit like a sea tormented by continuous storms of emotions. I will tap
    over an over now. And heal hopefully. I know I’m the creator of my life and
    I’ve attracted same kind of bad experiences only because I wasn’t aware of
    the Law, reproducing my negative patterns over and over. Thank you so much.

  4. Hello, It is me once again. Maybe I am too curious, but just wanted to
    know, how positive your own life is compared to10 years before when you
    didn’t know about EFT, yet? Would you rate it 10x better or >1000? And are
    there even at this moment in time any improvements that you have in mind
    regarding your tapping style? I look forward hearing from you. Peace

  5. Whatever happened to Scientology? I think this guy might be an operating
    thetan. Just kidding but seriously is this REAL or theory?

  6. People such as the lady in this video have never found a center within
    themselves.. Always expressing emotions that create grief and it allows
    them to feel they have a place on the earth if they complain… The overall
    vibe she gives toward others will only cause pain, whether friends or loved
    ones! Never feel sorry for these types… Only learn to “Read and
    Understand” Very Interesting!

  7. It is amazing how the mind will build a problem from experiences we
    experienced from many areas of our life. The emotional theme will not have
    a logical understanding but there is logic within the emotional system.
    Even if you don’t understand it all you have to do is follow what shows up
    and release the emotional charges. You will heal.

  8. Hello, it is me again, Just wanted to make a comment that a while ago I
    didn’t pay any attention to the pictures my mind created when I thought of
    a bad experience, but now I aim at the pictures with the feeling and tap.
    And all of a sudden, the pictures really change! The view, colors, shapes –
    everything changes! I didn’t used to do it this way, so the pics didn’t
    change and I would wonder why it doesn’t work. Now I know it does. It was
    me who didn’t do it properly! So, thanks for everything

  9. I think there’s not that much to debate about positive thinking and how it
    attracts more good. The problem here is that there seems to be no universal
    bond or way to make this happen. Someone who can give it in the most
    understandable ways could be the one we need. This video is more than proof
    for that.

  10. If one prays correctly they get the same results… the principle is
    letting go or releasing your problems and correcting your mindset that
    created the problems. Don’t get me wrong, I like this method… just a new
    age version of bowing your head and taking a moment to pray. You are doing
    amazing work and it is greatly appreciated. -peace and love

  11. Thank you for that great video (and for letting us know how things came out
    for the dog!!) This is just so helpful!!! I am ordering Louise Hay’s book
    right now!

  12. First of all there is no such thing as a new age version because it doesn’t
    exist. There is nothing new under the sun Ecclesiastes 1:2-9. It’s just the
    church’s jargon to say that it doesn’t come from us so we’ll discount or
    reject it. Although this is universal truth from God.

  13. Hi, I noticed that when I followed one feeling concerning money, then a
    memory concerning my family hopped up. So when I dissolved the negativity
    in that memory which had nothing to deal with money itself, the feelings
    connected to cash suddenly dropped as well! This seemed very weird for me,
    but it looks like that all things in life really are relationships! God

  14. This poor woman is stuck in the physical, but now she has found a crack in
    the doorway to spiritual knowledge. NAMASTE.

  15. There are sooooo many different negative remembrances and programs inside
    us! Is it ever possible to correct them all?

  16. @TheZigzagSmoke —the pot won’t help..its only a mask for temporary
    relief. Take this seriously, try it and you will experience relief from the
    problems that you resorted to pot to try and quell. I guarantee you. God
    bless you.

  17. It’s good to see we are on the same page. Openmindedness is key when
    dealing with your line of work. I appreciate the pointers. I’m located in
    Fort Smith Arkansas and notice u where in OK. If there are any upcoming
    events in our surrounding area please let me know. If I can assist in any
    way let me know. Good talking with you, -Brad

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