The Best of Matt 2015

The Best of Matt 2015

No matter how bad the news, the weather, your daily commute or the state of the economy, Matt always manages to put a smile on the world. From sporting triumphs and disasters to hapless public figures; from scientific achievements to the state of the nation - what is life without a bit of Matt to put everything into perspective? A Christmas must - this year, and every year. Matt is without doubt 'that rare thing - a daily cartoonist who never fails' The Times

Price: $ 7.99
Sold by Wordery Cartoons & Comic Strip Books $ 7.99The Best of Matt 2015: Paperback: Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd ) : 9781409148340: 22 Oct 2015: The best of the best! A brilliant look at the last twelve months through the eyes of multi-award-winning cartoonist Matt.

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