SOUTH BAY: Gals Starting Over Fall Career Workshop

SOUTH BAY: Gals Starting Over Fall Career Workshop
Event on 2018-09-22 09:00:00
Gals Starting Over Fall Workshop SOUTH BAY Introduction:  August 28th (Tuesday) at 7PM  Free Career Workshop:   September 8th, 15th & 22nd (9am start time)   “GSO came into my life at the perfect time. The program is clear, precise and motivating. The caliber of coaches is stellar, not to mention the sparks that fly when gals starting over support each other. This organization is relatively new; however, it's scope will definitely impact many women and families in the South Bay in the years to come. This program has breathed life into my fledgling business. I plan on continuing to take the necessary action to bring my special skills to as many as people as possible. Thank you GSO for putting together a template for guaranteed success. God blessGals Starting Over.” –Workshop Participant WHAT IS GSO? Gals Starting Over is a career skills and leadership development program. We are a community of women who will help you rekindle your dreams, repackage your talents and regain your footing in today’s modern workplace. Women from all backgrounds find support in GSO as they build skills and confidence through:• Career workshops and one-on-one coaching to update job search skills• Seasonal information and networking meetings• Additional free career coaching• Skills development in leadership roles and work experience in a GSO group IMPACT  According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (2012) and the Progress of the World’s Women report (2015/16), when women work, economies grow! When you get back on your feet and into a better situation, it benefits you, your family and the community where you live. WHYSometime in our lives, many of us find ourselves starting over. After realizing we’ll be raising a child alone. After facing a difficult divorce or the sudden death of a partner. After recovering from an accident, addiction, or tragedy. Even after returning from war. In each case, we find help with step 1: recovering from the challenging event. But we seldom find help with step 2: finding our way back into the workplace. By reentering the workplace, we can regain our power to earn and rekindle our dreams for the future. OUR STORY  Gals Starting Over was started on the heels of such a story. After 25 years of marriage, our founder Holly Richards failed “to get the memo” that her marriage was done and now she was on her own. Fortunately for Holly, she was able to surround herself with a strong support group who led her through the rough waters of change. But it took a village to get all her skills and abilities back on track. Holly founded Gals Starting Over so that there was a program for other women to get their skills back on track and a place to go to find the helping hands of coaches and experts to navigate the new world we live in when it comes to finding a job or career. “Seeing any kind of progress motivates me to continue coaching.....I saw one of our participants get a job that allowed her to organize a food distribution to needy families in the area as a function of her new position. A few of us from the program plus our Pastor went to help and were amazed at her ability to supervise the set-up and distribution for so many. We served over 100 families. It was a very successful event. They even had a nutritional portion to help families learn what was best to eat. We had an opportunity to hand out food, give them nutritional information and talk to the families. ” –Workshop Coach For information or to reserve your seat:, Main Number: (424) 225–1272 Gals Starting OverCommunity Coordinator:  Ginger Collier (310) 569-8639 

at St Andrews Church
301 Avenue D
Redondo Beach, United StatesSt Andrews Church

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