NYC Wall Street & Banking Christmas & Holiday Reception

NYC Wall Street & Banking Christmas & Holiday Reception
Event on 2016-12-05 18:30:00
2016 has been one heck of the year, things that happened
this year have never occurred in the past & wall street is
also not same.


To Name A Few:

1) Brexit

2) EUR & GBP currencies all time low

3) Apple reports a year-over-year sales decline

4) Global insecurity and the refugee crisis

5) Wells Fargo mess up

6) YAHOO Sold!

(We stay away from US Politics/Elections)

The finance industry is at the start of an unprecedented period of disruption.
Established firms and start-ups are both embracing disruptive new technologies, from smartphones to “big data” analytics to Bitcoin and the blockchain that underpins it. This promises big changes to banks, insurers, investment firms and real economy served by the finance sector. Its about time for Valley to meet the street.

Lets meet one last time in 2016 for Wine, Hors d’oeuvres & Friendly chats and raise a toast to all ups and downs, good and bad, gains and losses and greet holidays to fellow Wall Street Folks. The gathering brings together issuers, borrowers, investors, and bankers in local and international forums. This event aims to bring together NYC Finance Community to share ideas and insights, network with industry leaders, and develop key relationships.
Talks & Conversations - Looking forward to evening of unique networking , discussions about exclusive investment opportunities and ideas , latest trading tips, Fintech tools, new products debuts & trading platforms, algorithmic and robotic trading and much much more....
Events are attended by everyone from top tier global financial companies and C-level executives, trading academies, specialized banks, brokerage houses, hedge funds, investment baskets, managed funds, managed portfolios, exchange houses.

• Free Give Aways

• Mega Raffle Prize

• Entire bar is restricted for our members only. Cash bar, pay for what you order.

Attendees include but not limited to:

• Portfolio Managers

• M & A Analysts

• Research Analysts (Buy / Sell Side)

• MBA Candidates

• Hedge Fund Service Providers

• Equity And Derivative Traders

• Prime Brokerage Professionals

• Fund Administration Professionals

• Operational Specialists.

• Finance & Accounting Recruiters and
HR Professionals.

Attire – We always recommend to wear business casuals but not mandatory. Santa costumes welcome.

How it would work: ·

• Receive name tag upon arrival. Clearly
mention your name and your area of
work/interest. ·

• The host will guide you to the main area·

• Connect and network with other
professionals in a relaxed yet focused
environment and exchange holiday

The event focus on creating long
term professional relationship with
experienced finance experts. The
networking event will help in building
social capital among the members of
finance community.

Venue - Union Square Lounge &

Located on the edge of Union Square
Park, the Union Square Lounge &
Ballroom event venue, combining state-
of-the-art sound and light technology
with stunning architectural detail. Wood
,stone, fire and
wate harmoniously blend with vaulted
ceilings, mirrors and
recessed floor lighting to create a
uniquely magical effect. Designed to be
a "Blank Canvas," the feel is one of
both clean modernism and warm

at Union Square Ballroom
27 Union Square West
New York, United StatesUnion Square Ballroomоптимизация и

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