Learn how to trade Forex & Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Kampala, Uganda

Learn how to trade Forex & Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Kampala, Uganda
Event on 2018-12-27 12:00:00
INTRODUCING YOU TO A .4 TRILLION A DAY INDUSTRY COMBINED WITH AN 0+ BILLION INDUSTRY. Coming from the corporate world and constantly looking for a vehicle to create true financial independence, Forex has finally shown me a way out. Trading Forex is a great way to build your personal wealth. It’s flexible, meaning you can trade at home at any time of the day. Up until recently, it was only the wealthy, elite people who could trade in the Forex Markets & I've looked for ways to create true wealth for myself. Forex is truly a way where you can grow and multiply your wealth like this 1% of the world already do. I have quickly realised that hands - on experience within the field is not a necessity in order for you to Learn & Earn within this .4 Trillion a day industry. Now very recently, due to the rise and publicity of Cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, many individuals are trying to find a way to invest and own these coins. However, what many don't know is the possibility of trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Trading them the same way as other Fiat currencies in Forex can be vastly superior to just investing as you aren't hurt when the value drops. Actually, you can trade against the coin when the price drops to continue profiting! Providing a solution for the majority: No time to invest in the learning No money to invest into expensive courses No previous or relevant experience None of the above are required in our global modern platform. You just need a smartphone. Come along to our free seminar to see how you can Learn and Earn & take a piece of this .4 Trillion per day industry + over 0 Billion industry. Please ask for Martin

at Cafe Javas
Parliamentary Avenue
Kampala, UgandaCafe Javas

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