Introduction to CryptoCurrencies

Introduction to CryptoCurrencies
Event on 2017-09-24 14:00:00
Welcome to Crypto!Oz Alima and Tomas Cifuentes are passionate to share with you the power and potential of this new technology. They will teach you the tools so you can start building wealth from this exciting technology. WHEN?Sunday 24th of September2pm - 5pmWHERE? Second Story StudiosCOST?Your generous donationsWHAT WILL YOU WALK AWAY WITH?- An understanding of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain technology and how they are being integrated into our world- How to acquire, transact and safely store your crypto currencies- An introduction to different platforms and tools that are used to enter the crypto-sphere- Learn how to create and use a digital wallet- Learn how to buy coins- Learn the process of securely transacting, send / receive coins- Learn some simple trading tips to increase your wealthThis workshop is interactive so please feel free to bring your device or notepad and follow along with us. HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDIf you don't know much about Bitcoin Basics then please watch the following videos leading up to the workshop to get the most out of the experience. - Bitcoin The End of Money as We Know It The Bitcoin Gospel who are Oz Alima and Tomas Cifuentes?OZ ALIMAIncreasing his wealth by over 1000% in the past 12 months, Oz Alima is passionate to share with you the power and potential of this new technology.He thrives helping you understand Crypto Currencies, setting you up securely with a wallet and showing you how to buy and sell (trade) coins to icrease your wealth. With over a decade of experience as an Electrical Engineer, he has transitioned into becoming a full time crypto-entrepreneur. He manages crypto investments, runs regular workshops and has a consulting business assisting new investors into the space. A lover of yoga, dance, working in the garden and spending time with his family and friends, Oz is relishing in the time freedom this industry is giving him. He looks forward to inviting you to the Crypto community.TOMAS CIFUENTESTomas is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Successful Crypto Trader, Talented Technical Analyst & Charismatic Educator.He began questioning our FIAT monetary system since he was a child, asking his parents constantly ‘How Does Money Works?’ At the age of 12 he learned how to assemble computers & hardware. From there on, Tomas started programming websites & games, continually researching the latest technologies and finally learning about Blockchain and acquiring his Bitcoins which he's been trading and increasing his cryptocurrency portfolio and finally attaining Finacial Freedom.Since 2016 he’s been empowering new crypto investors to generate ‘life changing’ profits through the Art of Trading & Technical Analysis. His main intention is to give people the BEST information and tools necessaries to build wealth quickly and avoid mistakes. But more important, to help you ‘Heal your relationship with money’, accept abundance in your life and achieve peace & happiness through sharing your prosperity with your community!QUESTIONSozalima@gmail.comtomas.cifuentes@gmail.comOz and Tomas look forward to meeting you on Sunday 24th of September

at Second Story Studios
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