ICO Debut Party at #NYFW

ICO Debut Party at #NYFW
Event on 2018-02-08 18:00:00
Initial Coin Offerings. ICO's are fraught with risk but super interesting. In February at New York Fashion Week, it will be special because we are launching!! A slew of great updates will come to those that RSVP. We have a great venue picked out: Four Seasons!!! Be sure to confirm your 2nd stage RSVP because the venue will likely change to incorporate the Amex Sky Box location 'under-the-tents'Problem: We need a real world network of experts to meet and swap ideas with. We need to understand this new form of money and how to underwrite crypto tokens using protocol #cs183uwctFriction. Tix are open to all (but ideally I would only accept bitcoin to keep the wannabees out)100% of the tix are rebated as per the LC Reverse Rebate Model. Pay and get 100% back. You can cancel up to 12 hours before the party starts and still get a full refund. Its #LCRRM.LCRRM is where you get 100% when you show up-- I will then rebate you 100%. I will pay to host you but I won't be paying for flakey people who do not show up.Problem: Yes people can pay in US currency. Lame but right now Eventbrite does not take bitcoin.Problem: This event will reach capacity! I will be pulling peole off the waitlist as space opens Note: I do not represent bitCoin, Ethereum, et al. I am exCEO of Duck9. Duck9 does FICO score preparation for American college students.NOTE: This infomation is not to represent a solicitation to buy tokens, sell you securities, get you to buy API calls or request a PPM, or to ask you to read and master white paper PDFs (BUT YOU SHOULD)Mini Sponsor 0 in BTC3DPwFfRGW4m782X1xQZXSnZB6rGrGVeoddCrypto Underwriting Workshop and Risk Mitigation Session3:30 - 6pm57 E 57th St @Waterloo RoomUSD ,400 or bitcoin address3DPwFfRGW4m782X1xQZXSnZB6rGrGVeodd

at 5757 At The Four Seasons Hotel
57 E 57th Street
New York, United States5757 At The Four Seasons Hotel

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