Financial Foundation & Career Mixer

Financial Foundation & Career Mixer
Event on 2018-11-17 09:00:00
MASTER YOUR MONEY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. ENJOY & NETWORK WITH POWERFUL, SUCCESSFUL & WEALTHY INDIVIDUALS AT THE LIFE CHANGING EVENT.  Learn to be your own Money Manager: no one cares more about your money than you!! Our goal is to move people from financial insecurity to financial security. Knowledge is Power, we believe financial education will empower you to have a better future. It is ironic that we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but we have many money problems. We work hard but retire poor. Debt becomes a way of life ~~~~~~~ Let us help you feel prepared!! In order to be in control of your finances you need to understand how money works. 2 in 3 people have no idea how to know anything about how money works. How can you win a game if you don't understand? ~~~~~~~~~ - Is money controlling you or do you control the money? -If you receive a lump sum of money would you know what to do with it? - Do you have 401k accounts but do not understand how to read your statements? -Do you have any money saved in Tax Free accounts? -Do you feel prepared for retirement? & Do you know how much money you need to retire? Our workshops will teach you how to be your own Money Manager with the Financial Foundation Education Program you will learn how to: Make money work better for you Find and save more money Understand investments and build wealth Protect and preserve your money

at SaiDar
21660 Copley Drive , #308
Diamond Bar, United StatesSaiDar

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