e-Commerce meets Tourism

e-Commerce meets Tourism
Event on 2016-10-13 09:30:00
DRAFT PAGE According to the World Bank, 9,158,000 international tourists travelled to Switzerland in 2014, making tourism big business for our country. The industry accounts for 10% of global GDP (World Tourism Organization 2015) and is worth some 38.5 billion CHF in Switzerland (2013).  Over the years, the industry has been revolutionized with the advent of the internet and e-Commerce. And as it provides easy access to tourism services, a huge amount of information, improved convenience, fast service and personalized products and services, it is no surprise increasing numbers of consumers are turning to the internet to tailor their tourism experience through the process of co-creation (Neuhofer, Buhalis, & Ladkin, 2012). In evidence of this consumer preference, tourism is the second most popular product category and generates the majority of the value of Swiss e-Commerce with the average Swiss online consumer spending 1,500 CHF in the sector in 2015 (Swiss Consumer Behavior Report 2015). With the huge scope for growth, this event will center on leveraging the sector’s strengths to further boost growth with discussions on improving destination reputation, using big data to understand trends and the latest phenomena in the sharing economy.     To take a look at the full and updated schedule, please visit the event page on our website: CLICK HERE   Privacy Notice NetComm Suisse Association, Via Cantonale 18, 6928 Manno (Switzerland), email info@netcommsuisse.ch, in its capacity as data controller, informs users that their personal data will be processed as specified in this privacy policy. By providing their data, users expressly accept that the personal data provided will be processed by Netcomm Suisse Association, including by electronic means, for the purposes of promotional or commercial communications related to products or services offered by Netcomm Suisse Association and by its partners/sponsors.

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