Digital Transformation Forum Sydney |Events in Sydney-Australia

Digital Transformation Forum Sydney |Events in Sydney-Australia
Event on 2019-02-15 09:00:00
08:45   – 09:00Registration 09:00   – 09:15Conference Summary 09:15   – 10:15Gig economy and socially responsible companies in the digital era! Speaker: Mobin Barati, Founder and CEO at Mobin Enterprise Topic Abstract – In the era of digital, gig economy business model is more popular than ever. Companies like Uber, Airbnb and AirTasker are some of the successful examples of this business model. But what if these enterprises were more socially responsible and their ultimate purpose was to enrich communities around the world by creating opportunities for community members who would like to make a decent living by participating in the shared economic activities. Such companies would reinvest the profits back into the community development rather than paying hefty dividends to their shareholders or invest in cutting-edge technology research and development to replace gig economy participants with intelligent machines. What if these digital businesses were more about people and less about capital. Bio – Mobin Barati is a serial entrepreneur and an accomplished IT and BPM Architecture professional with 20+ years of experience around major challenges that enterprises face when taking on change across the whole organisation. Mobin is a thought leader in human-centric digital transformation helping organisations design and deliver new futures for their customers, staff, partners and shareholders. Mobin’s experience in agriculture, education, hospitality, software, not-for-profit, government, banking and community services industries has given him an edge in dealing with different challenges from strategy and architecture to change delivery and operations. Mobin uses a human-centric framework for his bigger picture approach to help his clients deal with ongoing challenges to their business. 10:15  – 11:00Journey of Digital Transformation.Speaker: Charlie Chen, Digital Transformation Program Manager at OCS Services Australia Topic Abstract: The beginning of the Journey The objective of this project was to leverage digital technology capture and digitize the nonstructured information of cleaning services quality inspection to a structured data for Business Intelligent analysis and data mining. Our approach The transformation processes start with internal stakeholder’s engagement. The project manager studied all relevant documents (i.e. SOW, KPI and commercial/industrial cleaning services contracts.) The virtual project team has developed an innovated method to convert cleaning services requirement to web-based site inspection templates. The digital transformation project manager starts end users’ engagement with project planning meeting and tailored workshop/technical training. Site-specific pilot testing are conducted before the system go live. Using above streamlined approach, we have successfully completed the national rollout of this digital tool. Bio – Possess with Executive MBA degree, I am a passionate and dynamic leader, highly experienced technology executive, with over 26 years distinguished record achievement in providing leadership in many large and complex business environment with strong commercial acumen and track record in designing and delivering innovated digital transformation program in finance institutes, government departments and large/medium/small organizations. I have the reputation as a strategist as well as a manager able to micro manage all aspects of business digital transformation portfolio. I have advanced knowledge of business modelling, business transformation, strategic marketing, corporate governance and social responsibility and program/project budget management. My online articles of the above subjects has been viewed/downloaded over 3000 times globally. My digital transformation practices included: Instigate and lead technology and business transition and transformation program including planning and execution of a strategic review, technical and people transition Develop and maintain strong working relationships and effective communication with internal/external stakeholders in the articulation of business requirements, development of business solutions, preparation of specifications and formulation of work practice and change management requirements Develop a ‘people strategy’ to ensure retain a committed and motivated team. Executive MBA in Finance, Marketing and Talent Management (2015)University of Technology, Sydney-Business SchoolGraduate Certificate in Information Technology Management Program (2002)University of Technology, Sydney Volunteer Work – Event Photographer of Fine Music 102.5 FM since 2013 11:00 – 11:30Networking Tea/Coffee 11:30 – 12:15Transforming Digital Transformation – On the hunt for Watermelons Speaker: Nathan Jones, Principal and Owner at Improvability Solutions Topic Abstract – Digital Transformation has become one of the most common change activities in the corporate world. From the more prominent implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to the smaller changes to applications or information systems and structures it is rare to find someone not affected by a digital transformation activity on any day. As project managers, PMO’s, sponsors and executives the way we approach these projects has the greatest influence on whether the transformation is seen as good or bad not just at the end, but importantly along the way. The governance of Red/Green relies on us being brave enough to embrace the red early, and not create watermelons to hide those things we can and should look out for. Rather than simply another look at failed projects, this presentation will propose simple and practical changes to the way we manage our work, talk about and drive for success, and deal with problems along the way. We’ll take a more positive approach, with real examples of where these have worked, or would have been of benefit when we looked back and learned from our lessons. There are some fundamental aspects to Digital Transformation that, if we think of differently; if we look to change, if we transform the way we digitally transform, we can reduce stress, improve our rate of success and yield greater and more broad reaching benefits than we do today. From experience in several large ERP installations and countless other smaller digitally driven changes there are opportunities for us as to take a moment to pause and look at what we can learn from our experiences and transform for the better the way we transform. Bio – Nathan Jones started his career in industrial research and then progressed to the manufacturing industry. He found a particular interest in the improvement of processes and this took him into other fields including retail and investment banking, gas, water and electricity utilities and perhaps inevitably training and consulting to businesses small and large. In all of these arenas he discovered the common thread to creating improvements was to change the mindset of the people involved in order to make more effective use of the capability that they have. It was this approach that led to the establishment of his current endeavour, the company “Improvability”. Nathan has a degree in Materials Engineering, postgraduate qualifications in business, statistics and management, and has trained in various project, program, portfolio and change disciplines as well as process improvement areas such as Lean and Six Sigma. Nathan has worked across Australia, New Zealand, and the broader Asia Pacific in roles from professional engineering, project, PMO and process management up to regional director level. He has survived six ERP implementations to date in his 25 year career and enjoys the challenges, but more importantly the benefits that transformation brings. 12:15  – 13:00Building a Strategic Roadmap for Transformation Speaker: Doyle Buehler– CEO at Dept.Digital and Author of #Breakthrough: Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence and Authority Topic Abstract- We often hear the expression, “transformation is all around us”, yet we mostly miss what this really means, and how it affects us and our business direction, and more importantly, what we can actually do about it. The companies that are actually creating transformation are the ones that are making successful strategic digital marketing decisions based upon critical digital strategies. This is where the disruption and transformation starts. It’s not about the technology. It is about rethinking how you assemble your team and formulate your core digital strategies that affect transformation. Disruption is here. More is coming. And, your company can be at the forefront of it – by transforming and creating the environment for marketing disruption and transformation in your business. In the “Transformation Roadmap”, you will discover: Insights into the key and critical roles that most affect change & transformation Understand and map out your transformational roadmap Define the 5 core elements of transformation and how they can be integrated into your overall strategy and tactics Framework strategies, that clearly and succinctly create the proper environment for businesses wanting to create their own transformation in their strategic planning and marketing. Critical factors on how to effectively create the transformation within your own industry that lead to significant customer uptake and proper industry acknowledgment. Businesses that transform their industries can become remarkable. And, those that don’t, will simply become irrelevant and close their doors. Which one are you? Bio – Doyle Buehler, CEO, Dept.Digital Doyle Buehler, MBA, is a best-selling author, global entrepreneur, international speaker & digital business thought leader, specialising in strategic digital branding and marketing. He has mentored, coached, trained & inspired many in the areas of startups, digital leadership, digital innovation, disruption, transformation, online marketing, and entrepreneurship. He has built multiple award-winning innovative online, ecommerce startups and digital media businesses around the world. He runs a worldwide strategic digital marketing consultancy for companies who want to create disruption in their industry. Doyle hosts the iTunes podcast, Breaking.Digital, where he interviews digital influencers from around the world, discussing digital leadership, innovation and disruption across a range of digital business and online channel topics. He also publishes regular video programs around digital business transformation. Doyle’s latest book #Breakthrough – Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence & Authority, positions business innovators to think in a clearer, logical, more strategic manner. He conducts workshops and speaks at a variety of global business events and conferences, highlighting the strategies business need to be competitive and survive in today’s hyper-competitive digital worlds. 13:00  – 14:00Networking Lunch 14:00 – 14:45“How to be the SME that punches above it’s weight through Digital Transformation”?Speaker: Jethro Grainger – Marsh- Head of Digital, Marketing, and National Sales Australia – APAC at Alsco Australia. Topic Abstract –  The pace of change driven by innovation and technology is keenly felt by small, start up businesses, and by smaller operations.  In a country such as Australia, where SME’s fuel the economy, the pace of change in technology can be daunting. Bringing together a range of experience from billion dollar MNC’s all the way to nimble SME’s, join Jethro Grainger-Marsh, Head of Digital and Sales for Alsco, as he talks about the pace of change, and adapting to it – and how to punch above your weight through the Digital Revolution. Bio – A digital, business growth, transformation and marketing leader, Jethro has more than 17 years’ digital, marketing, sales, and transformation experience, both B2B and B2C. With a background delivering growth and operational improvement through strategic marketing, growth, acquisition and transformation, he is a frequent speaker at digital transformation events throughout the APAC region. Having led digital strategy and transformation for brands such as Misys, Temenos, and Fuji Xerox, Jethro now leads the digital and sales growth and transformation for Alsco Pty Ltd across Asia.  He is a passionate change advocate, with a focus on delivering tangible results, innovation, and driving sustainable business growth through data driven optimisation strategies. 14:45 – 15:30Step by Step Digital Transformation Guide for Australian Bricks and Mortar Businesses!Speaker: Roderick Aguilar, Seasoned IT Executive (25+ years) Topic Abstract – Learn how to digitally transform your Australian bricks and mortar business to be able to compete in the Digital Age using the latest technologies that are available right now in Australia. Be inspired by real-world examples of successful digital transformation projects such as turning ‘paper into glass’ (iPad and Android tablets), saving on your printing and postage costs, and automating your supply chain (integrating with your suppliers). As most systems are now in the Cloud, I will show you how to implement a more resilient link to the Internet. I will also share with you my step-by-step guide to getting started on your digital transformation journey highlighting the potential pitfalls of your digital strategy and ways to avoid them so that it leads to a better business outcome. Bio – Roderick Aguilar is an innovative leadership professional with over 25 years of experience involving digital transformation, infrastructure, application development and project management across many different industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Transport & Logistics, Real Estate, Computer Software, Law, Media & Publishing, Hospitality, Geotechnical Engineering and Retail. I have dedicated myself to challenging the status quo and leading highly technical teams to transform organisations into agile and responsive Customer-centric organisations. 15:30 pm – 16:00Networking Tea/Coffee 16:00 – 16:457 common mistakes companies make while going digital 16:45 – 17:00Conference End Note

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