Creole Ballad Radio on CUIT 89.5FM presents A Caribbean Jazz Affair – Chardavoine & Eddie Bullen

Creole Ballad Radio on CUIT 89.5FM presents A Caribbean Jazz Affair – Chardavoine & Eddie Bullen
Event on 2015-08-28 20:30:00

Directly from New York Haitian Jazz Guitarist Chardavoine

Haitian born but Brooklyn bred this amazing guitarist has covered the gambit of musical styles through the waves of his guitar. he is a great musician a talented artist and a refined professional he represents the best of modern music and the future of jazz. he’s well known around new york for his association with grammy award winner Dave Valentin who’s a guest on two of his cd’s, last year he had the privilege of playing at Aretha Franklin’s birthday bash with the Tito Puente jr. orchestra. his latest release entitled “the tribute” is a tribute to the haitian eartquake victims and a trip back to his roots musically.Chardavoine is a concrete manifestation of what is called “haitian jazz” a new genre emerging in jazz today. the tribute is an eloquent testimony of this genre of music. it showcases his talents not only as an excellent musician but also as a great creative and seasoned arranger. His first CD titled “ the Fifth Season” published first in London ,Great Britain received praises around the world and remain # 1 in London chart for weeks in 2005

This Cd is inspiring, original in style and with its unique brand of guitar playThis musician is the most kept secret ,but not for long it is a matter of time before his music and his musicianship explode all over the globe. The awaits for this new vibe , this new groove — get on the band wagon before this music ignites our soul. Great work, Great musicianship, Great composition and Arrangement. Can ‘t wait to hear more of him. Two Words AWESOME AND MESMERIZING



Jazz Pianist Eddie Bullen

Pianist, songwriter, arranger and producer

Eddie Bullen is, in every way, a standout amongst the latest generation of multi-talented artists. Eddie’s lengthy career has yielded an abundance of awards and recognition for his outstanding talents. From his first album, ‘Nocturnal Affair‘ to his most recent Havana Nights‘, Eddie gives his audience a taste of contemporary jazz, flavoured with Caribbean and Latin rhythms.


“Eddie Bullen keeps audiences in Canada and throughout the Caribbean on their feet and begging for more with his distinctive style. His compositions are audacious and sexy, titillating the senses….

New York Daily News


The Caribbean Jazz Collective Band

An ensemble of musicians from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Cuba.

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