Brazil's economy enters recession

Brazil's economy enters recession
Analysts had expected a contraction, but the number was worse than expected. First quarter output was also revised down to show a 0.7%, rather than a 0.2%, contraction. The country, the seventh-largest economy in the world, has seen economic growth ...
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China contagion: How it ripples across the world
The world's second largest economy is slowing down, many fear, much faster than the Chinese government is admitting. ... With the Chinese buying fewer goods or commodities, it's dragging down those countries' economies and commodity prices.
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China's workers abandon the city as Beijing faces an economic storm
Weeks of stock market turmoil have focused the world's attention on the health of the Chinese economy and raised doubts over Beijing's ability to avert a potentially disastrous economic crisis, both at home and aboard. The financial upheaval has been ...
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Why is China's stock market falling and how might it affect the global economy?
China stock market. China's stock markets have lost all the gains they made in 2015. Photograph: Zhang Yixi/Xinhua Press/Corbis ... China's stock market has fallen sharply over recent weeks despite measures by officials in Beijing aimed at calming ...
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