Bitcoin Bootcamp for Financiers and Managers

Bitcoin Bootcamp for Financiers and Managers
Event on 2017-12-13 09:00:00
Empower and Enrich yourself with knowledge of Bitcoin and Blockchain  You will leave able to make great choices and investments for your business and life.  If you are a progressive businessperson or financier, join us for this packed day to cover months of learning about blockchain technology and crypto-currency.  Come to us to learn: 1.   How it all works. 2.   How solutions are being used already to save companies money and increase their capabilities and profits  We set up the software for a bank that deals in Cypto only so we'll show you how it was designed as an example. 3.   Technically how some of those solutions are implemented. This class will be fun and interactive; we will make sure you learn and have a fun time doing it.   At the end there will be a quiz and a prize for the winner - a new drone or other toy suitable for children and adults.  Please sign up for a class here or order a special seminar for your company.   CONTACT THE ORGANIZERS WITH ANY QUESTIONS!

at Tôkyô, JP

Tokyo, JapanTôkyô, JP

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